Fentress County Early Learning Center

218 School Avenue
Jamestown, TN
TEIS classroom in collaboration with Fentress County Schools
Early Intervention Teacher Carol Crabtree
We are a county wide program providing early intervention services to
children with developmental delays. Our students range from eighteen
months old to thirty six months old. We are proud to be able to assist
families with their child’s development to their fullest potential. Each
child and family has an IFSP-Individualized Family Service Plan because
we believe that the family’s involvement will advance their child’s
development more rapidly. We are service providers for TEISTennessee Early Intervention System which is a single point of entry
program serving children with developmental delays and disabilities.
Developmental delays are problems that a child can often overcome
with early intervention, which is what we provide. Our program
currently houses Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy for those
children needing those services. Our teacher provides early
intervention/developmental help to encourage a child’s functioning age
to meet their chronological age. Everything we do is play based, with
gaining social skills as our priority.
We welcome your visit any time!
Program funded by the Department of Education/TEIS