October Sky Chapter: 10

October Sky
Chapter: 10
By: Ann Lu
& Grant Garcia
Chapter 10
Football players were mad since
they were suspended.
They noticed they were getting more work
since school wanted them to get smarter.
Newspaper writer writes a paper on the boys.
Girls started liking sonny since he was
becoming popular.
Sonny starts learning trigonometry
because it will help him with the rocket.
He realizes Dorothy is as smart as he is in
Math, she's probably just using him for attention.
Sonny realizes plane geometry was a message
from god.
Mr. Jackson was suspicious and thought the
boys were shooting dogs into space.
Boys break into mule barn to steal telephone
They fall thought the floor and spend
their night in mule poop.
Sonny loves chemistry because miss Riley
his teacher.
Miss Riley tells sonny he should enter the
Science fair and he does.
Discover rocket candy ( sugar and potassium nitrate).
Pioneer 1 failed to go to the moon
The boys imagined going to
• I was having one of these vision, I had the startling revelation that
plane geometry was, in fact, a message from God. ──Sonny
• “If you build your own, you're part of it. I can see that. For me, it's
the same with poetry. Sometimes I have to write some of my
own─it's poor, I know that─ but it allows me to make a connection
with the poets I admire.” ──Miss Riley
• Someday, I was convinced, we would go there. Not just mankind,
but us, the boys on that roof. If only we could learn enough and
were brave enough. ──Sonny
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