Political and Policy Dynamics of Events and Festivals

Political and Policy
Dynamics of Events and
Lecture 6
Razaq Raj
Politics of place and role of policy
Events have been commonly used for political
ends throughout history.
Rulers and Monarchs have used events to
popularise themselves and the area they rule.
Governments use events particularly hallmark
ones to punctuate the end of their term in
office because they create nationalism,
enthusiasm and most importantly votes
Politics of place and role of policy
The festivals and events help to develop social
and economic cohesion, confidence and pride
that connect local community and local
authorities together
The local authorities secure political power
and influence through events to gain moment
among the local residents and businesses.
Politics of place and role of policy
“Politics and politicians are an important part of
the equation that is contemporary events
(McDonnell, Allen and O’Toole, 1999 p.26)
Politics of place and role of policy makers
The local authorities use community-based
festivals and events in strengthening
communities, business districts, cultural,
heritage and arts resources, and in attracting
tourists and visitors to the City.
Politics of place and role of policy makers
Prime Minister, Tony Blair quoted:
‘The British Government is delighted to give its
full support to the London Bid for 2012. Winning
the Games would be good news for London and
for all of the UK. I hope everyone in the country
will get behind the campaign.’
London 2012 Olympic Bid (2003, p.1)
Tourism destination in local communities
Festivals can be big business for a destination.
The local authorities are using events to
position their destinations in the market, and
thus fulfil their cultural, tourism, festivals and
arts strategies.
Development of Festivals and Celebrations in the
local community
Today the Festivals are seen principal platform
for collective participation in expressions of
traditional and contemporary culture.
The festivals attract increasing numbers of
visitors to each festival.
Development of event public policy
Governments around the globe are utilising
events as an integral part of their policies for
regional development.
Therefore, it is important ensure event public
policy has the capacity to facilitate
opportunities for regional development.
Framework for the development of
event public policy
At the local government level, a two year
event policy should be developed.
Attract visitors and enhance their experience.
Develop event policies that will promote
positive regional development.
Relationship with the Local Community - Key Constructs
Authors: John Ensor a; Martin Robertson a; Jane Ali-Knight a
Notting Hill Carnival
The Notting Hill Carnival, formed in 1964.
Celebrate their ancestors freedom from
slavery, with an attendance of 200.
Caribbean people to come together and share
their social and cultural differences with the
local community.
Notting Hill Carnival
As stated by the William Stewart the founder of initial
Caribbean carnival in this country.
“Festival to bring together the people of Notting
Hill, most of whom were facing racism, lack of
working opportunities and poor housing
conditions resulting in a general suppression of
good self-esteem.”
Political History
Daily Mail columnist Lynda Lee-Potter (1991),
"a sordid, sleazy nightmare that has become
synonymous with death"
Political History
The Tory Shadow home secretary Willie Whitelaw (1977)
“The risk in holding it now seems to outweigh the enjoyment
it gives."
"Then it is up to their leaders to take steps necessary to
ensure its survival."
Political Changes by policy makers for
The Mayor of London ordered a Carnival Review in 1999.
Public safety and density of people
Carnival location and procession/route
Travel to and from Carnival
Police presence
Cultural, social and economic impact
Content of Carnival
Provision of facilities
Carnival is managed and financed
Adequate communication and signage
Economic analysis of carnival
£93 million
London’s economy
Full time Jobs
1.16 million
people attended Carnival over three days
£45 million
Spend by Carnival goers in three days
£50 million
General financial boost to firms and
individuals involved in Carnival
Social impacts
Refuse collection
Tonnes of refuse
collected in RBKC
Tonnes of refuse
collected in WCC
The community festivals are seen by the local
politician a great educational settings for all cultures.
There is unarguably an element of politics
surrounding the festival.
The local authorities undertake the development and
direct delivery of festivals to pursue specific
economic and community development objectives.
How much is the Festival worth to London?
Linking learning and cultural development
around festival provision; ensuring a strong
relationship between the Greater London
Authority and Local Council and the festival