OAA Parent Meeting

OAA Parent Meeting
Everything you need to know about
Ohio Achievement Assessment for
your child.
2013-2014 Current OAA Format
2014-2015 PARCC Common Core Assessments
Current OAA Tests
 Reading: Grades 3-8 OAA
 Mathematics: Grades 3-8 OAA
 Science: Grades 5 and 8 OAA
 Writing: Grade 4 & 7 OAA (suspended)
 Social Studies: Grade 5 & 8 OAA (suspended)
A Look at the OAA
• All OAA are based on the grade level standards.
• The third grade OAA is based on what students
should know by the end of third grade.
• Standards help educators identify and measure
what a student should be able and can do.
• The OAA tells us how well your child is
progressing towards what he/she is expected to
What does the OAA look like?
Reading Assessment
• There are 4 different types of selections
• Questions include multiple choice (3 choices),
short answer and extended response.
• Each question is given a point value.
• Types of stories USUALLY include fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and other.
• Questions also include antonyms, synonyms,
contractions, homophones, vocabulary, etc.
• Students often will have to read charts/graphs
and interpret them.
Example of Extended Response
Math OAA
Math Extended Response
Extended Response (Continued)
Testing Day
• Child Enters room/ Please don’t be tardy
• 2-#2 pencils must be sharpened
• All charts/tables are covered that could help a child during
the test
Examples: 100’s chart/ vowel chart/
multiplication fact chart
• 3rd & 4th Grade write in their testing booklet.
• 5th – 8th Grade have testing booklet and a separate answer
document to bubble and write their short answer & extended
response on.
• Overall directions are read to child, but child must read their
own directions during the test.
• Child has 2-1/2 hours to complete the test. We usually take 23 short breaks.
• Teacher may not assist a child with questions or words he/she
may not know.
• Child may have the full 2 ½ hours if needed. (student must
have a book to read on test day)
How You Can Help Your Child
• Visit the statewide testing website for
practice tests, explanation of what a child
should be able to know depending on their
(Success website)
Parent Tips
• Get a good night’s sleep the week before the
test and the week of the tests.
• Good NUTRITIOUS breakfast before coming to
• Remind your child to relax. All you ask of your
child is to do your best. It is OK if there is part
of the test you don’t understand…Just try!
• Double check by going back and re-reading
every question AND every answer (there are 2
½ hours, so use it!)
• Testing Dates:
Reading- Tuesday, April 23th
Math- Wednesday, April 24th
Science – Thursday, April 25th
What can we do to help you?
E-mail or call one of us if you have
any additional concerns or
questions…We are here to help!
Thank you for attending today’s meeting!
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