China-Reform and Reaction

China-Reform and Reaction
From This
To This!
Reform and Mao’s Legacy
His harsh reforms greatly damaged China
 Family life replaced by communal life
 No more incentives for higher work
 When critics of Mao wanted to change
directions Mao created the “Cultural
Revolution” to avoid capitalism
China and the West
After the Chinese Revolution, they shut the
doors to outsiders
China and the USA would go to war in North
By the late 1960’s the USSR and China despise
In the early 1970’s Mao’s right hand man, Zhou
Enlai wanted to open relations with the West, he
recognized their importance
He invited an American table tennis team to
come to China-Became known as “Ping Pong
Forrest, Forrest Gump
Zhou Enlai invited the Presiden to the
United States, Yorba Linda’ s favorite son
Richard Nixon to China.
 HUGE!!!
 They promised to start with small cultural
exchanges and limited trade
Change Happening THROUGOUT
Mao and Zhou died in 1976. Moderate took over
led by Deng Xiaopeng
Unlike Mao, he was willing to utilize moderate
usage of capitalism
Created “Four Modernizations” agriculture,
industry, defense, and science
Eliminated communes, leased the land
Food production increased
He welcomed foreign technology and investment
Massacre in Tiananmen Square
Rich and poor gap developed
Western ideas flooded China, democracy was
trying to take root
In the Spring of 1989 100,000 student began to
protest and occupy Tiananmen Square
Deng declared Martial law
June 4, thousands of heavily armed Chinese
troops attacked the students, killing perhaps