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University of Surrey
A Growing University
• Nearly 14,500 students enrolled on Surrey degree programmes
• A student community drawn from 140 countries
• Our overseas students (non-EU) make up 20% of our full-time
undergraduate student population
• Number of non-EU students at UK universities doubled in 10 years –
China sends the most students to UK universities
• Applications are up by 80% compared with four years ago
• Surrey in Top 25 for the quality of its students – average entry level of
>400 points ( ‘AAA’ = 360 Points at A Level)
• Nearly 2,500 members of staff
A Global Partner
Surrey’s International Strategy with institutions is built on three types of
– University Global Partnership Network, est. 2011.
Founding members:
– University of Surrey
– North Carolina State University
– Universidade de São Paulo (2009)
– Seoul National University also an international
partner for all UGPN universities.
– Strategic Partnerships
– Collaborations with KAIST
Scholarship and Teaching
A four-Faculty, multi-disciplinary university
– Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences
– Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences
– Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
– Faculty of Business, Economics and Law
Faculty of Business, Economics and Law
The Surrey Business School
School of Hospitality and Tourism Management
School of Law
School of Economics
Department of Health Care Management and Policy
The Surrey MBA
More about FBEL…
The Faculty has an international strategy with an emphasis on increased student
mobility. We have international staff, alumni and research partnerships, as well as
exchange agreements with nearly 40 Universities worldwide.
The School of Hospitality and Tourism Management is ranked no.1 in the UK
according to the Times, Guardian and Independent (2011).
The School of Economics is ranked as the 10th best Economics Department in the
UK by the Times Good University Guide 2012.
The Surrey Business School is accredited with AACSB and Association of MBAs
and TedQual UNTWO.
The School of Law has an International and European focus offering
undergraduate programmes covering European Legal Systems.
The Surrey Campus…
A New Campus – Manor Park
Surrey Sports Park...
• Completed in 2011
• Olympic size swimming pool
• Climbing centre
• Gym
• Tennis/squash/badminton
• 10 Football/Rugby pitches
Library and Learning Centre…
• Opened August 2011
• State of the art facilities:
New PC areas
Open 24hrs
Wireless connectivity throughout
Language translation booths
Self-service and group study areas
• Also houses a café area, local shop
and book shop
The Management School
Both The Surrey Business
School and School of
Hospitality and Tourism
Management are based in this
building. Lecture rooms,
computer labs, common rooms,
student support and the
lakeside restaurant are also
found here.
The Law School…
The School of Law is based in the
Austin Pearce Building (second
floor). The Law corridors have
recently undergone a
refurbishment with new teaching
and computer rooms now
available. The Student Common
room and the Law Reception are
also to be found here.
School of Economics
Students studying Economics, Business Economics or Economics
and Finance at Surrey learn an exciting, relevant subject in a
friendly, well-regarded department in the UK. Our graduates
enjoy excellent career opportunities thanks to the professional
training year and exchange semester that can form part of
every undergraduate degree.
Guildford and the Surrounding Area…
Surrey is consistently ranked as one of the safest places to live in the UK.
Students at Surrey enjoy the safety of a campus environment whilst being
only 35 minutes by train to central London.
The University of Surrey
is based in Guildford,
a historical river-side
town. Guildford boasts
two theatres, a museum,
a castle, cinema, dozens of
restaurants, shops, hotels
and bars.
For more information on
Guildford visit:
Your Studies…
Exchange agreements are usually School
specific. However, we do allow students to
take UG modules offered within the Faculty
as long as they have the necessary prerequisites and no timetable clashes occur.
We insist on confirmation of approval from
the Home University if students wish to
enrol on more than 4 modules in one
Undergraduate modules are worth 15 Surrey
/ 7.5 ECTS credits each.
Postgraduate modules are worth 15 Surrey /
7.5 ECTS credits each.
FBEL Undergraduate Programmes…
BSc Economics
BSc Economics and Finance
BSc Business Economics
LLB Law with International Studies
LLB Law with Criminology
BSc Accounting & Finance
BSc Business & Retail Management
BSc Business Management
BSc International Hospitality Management
BSc International Hospitality & Tourism Management
BSc Retail Management
BSc Tourism Management
Choosing Modules….
• Refer to the Exchange website:
Click on the link for Incoming Students and Academic Information for
a list of modules on offer per School.
• Read the module description available via the module catalogue link or
ask the Exchange Administrator to provide you with a copy via email.
• Check with your Home University whether or not specific academic
requirements apply to your time on exchange.
Teaching Methods…
• All modules are taught by a combination of lectures and
• Lectures usually run for 2 hours, tutorials 1 hour or more.
• Tutorials and seminars are smaller groups of students discussing topics at
• The University of Surrey encourages independent learning. You will be
expected to read around the subject using your own initiative. Lectures
and tutorials are just the start!
Module Assessment…
Coursework and/or an examination at the end of the semester. Some modules also
have in-class test and group projects.
See the module descriptor or the welcome handbook for weighting of assessments.
Marks are available via Surrey Learn at the end of each semester. Transcripts are
sent to the Home University for your collection following the Board of Examiners
(February or July/August)
Full credits are awarded for passing modules. The pass mark is 40% for
Undergraduate modules and 50% for Postgraduate modules.
Students are entitled to re-sit, but will need to be present during the re-sit
sessions. These are in August.
More Information…
• Website for incoming exchange students:
• Facebook page for incoming exchange students:
• University of Surrey YouTube site featuring video diaries from incoming
Who can I contact…
Dr Margaret Lumbers
International Exchange Director
[email protected]
Ms Deborah Edwards
Ms Louise Lawton
International Exchange Administrator
International Exchange Coordinator
Incoming Students
[email protected]
[email protected]
Miss Diana Corbin
PTY/Exchange Administrator
D. [email protected]
Dr Theodore Konstadinides
Erasmus Coordinator
T. [email protected]
Ms Kelly McCabe
PTY/Exchange & Erasmus
[email protected]
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