FBEL Presentation for incoming students and Partners

The Faculty of Business,
Economics and Law
International Exchange & Occasional students
Welcome Talk
An overview of the Faculty…
The University of Surrey
Faculty of Business, Economics and Law
The Surrey Business School
School of Hospitality and Tourism Management
School of Law
School of Economics
Department of Health Care Management and Policy
The Surrey MBA
The Surrey Business School
Both the Surrey Business School and
School of Hospitality and Tourism
Management are based in the Rik
Medlik Building (MS on map).
Computer labs, student common rooms,
student support, Lakeside Coffee Shop
and the Lakeside Restaurant are also
found here.
The School of Hospitality
and Tourism Management
Ranked 1st in the UK for five years in a
row by the Guardian University Guide,
the School of Hospitality and Tourism
Management is a leading centre for
research and teaching.
The School of Law
The School of Law is based in the Austin Pearce Building (second floor). The
Law corridors have recently undergone a refurbishment with new teaching and
computer rooms now available. There is also a dedicated Law Library.
The Student Common room (where student pigeon holes are located) and the
Law Reception are also to be found here.
School of Economics
Students studying Economics, Business Economics or Economics and
Finance at Surrey learn an exciting, relevant subject in a friendly, wellregarded department in the UK. The School is based in the AD Building on
Spine Road.
Academic offices can be found in the AD building. General queries for
economics students should be directed to the Student Support Office in the
foyer of the Rik Medlik Building.
Undergraduate Programmes
Surrey Business School
BSc Accounting & Finance
BSc Business Management
BSc Business Management (Entrepreneurship)
BSc Business Management (Human Resource Management)
BSc Business Management (Marketing)
BSc International Hospitality Management
BSc International Business Management
School of Hospitality & Tourism Management
BSc Business & Retail Management
BSc International Hospitality Management
BSc Tourism Management
BSc Business Economics
BSc Economics
BSc Economics and Finance
BSc Economics and Maths
LLB Law with Criminology
LLB Law with International Studies
Your Studies
Exchange agreements are usually School
specific. However, we will allow you to take
one or two modules offered from other
Schools within the Faculty as long as you have
the necessary pre-requisites, and there are no
timetable clashes. The majority of your
modules must be taken from the School the
agreement is with.
You are not able to take more than 4 modules
in one semester.
Undergraduate modules are worth 15 Surrey /
7.5 ECTS credits each.
Postgraduate modules are worth 15 Surrey /
7.5 ECTS credits each.
Choosing Modules
For a list of modules available to exchange students, please refer to your Welcome
Handbooks, SurreyLearn, or you can look at the FBEL Exchange website:
Read the module description available via the module catalogue link or ask the
Exchange Administrator to provide you with a copy via email.
Check with your Home University whether or not specific academic requirements apply
to your time on exchange.
Teaching Methods
All modules are taught by a combination of lectures and tutorials/seminars.
Lectures usually run for 2 hours, tutorials/seminars for 1 hour or more.
Tutorials and seminars are smaller groups of students discussing topics at length.
Tutorials tend to be more interactive whereas seminars involve more presentation
from the teacher.
The University of Surrey encourages independent learning. You will be expected to
read around the subject using your own initiative. Lectures and tutorials are just the
You must attend the SurreyLearn induction. Important information will be posted on
this virtual learning tool, so please check it regularly.
Changes to your learning agreement are permissible after you arrive only if you have
clashes on your timetable or other extenuating circumstances which will necessitate a
Choosing from different levels of study may mean your modules clash. We cannot permit
you to enrol on modules where clashes occur.
Up to date timetables can be found on SurreyLearn. Students should check Surrey
Learn at the beginning of every weekday to check for announcements/ changes to times
or venues.
Tutorials for Law will not commence until week 3. Management tutorials start in week 1
and Economics tutorials start in week 2. All other tutorials start in week 1. Further
information will be sent to students via email and posted on Surrey Learn. Where large
slots are seen on the timetable, students should be aware that each tutorial will be for
one hour.
Timetables an easy guide
Business Finance
Weeks 01-11
Title - name of the module
Type – lecture/tutorial/seminar
Location – room number, building, level
Scheduling – weeks running (i.e wks 1-11 or 2, 3, 4, 6)
Good tip >
Each module should have a 2hr lecture slot and a 1-2hr tutorial/seminar
session. If you see a number of tutorials/seminars on the timetable it
means you can choose which one to attend. Where lectures last for 3
hours a tutorial/seminar will be added into this time slot.
Module Assessment
Typically coursework and/or an examination at the end of the semester. Some
modules also have in-class test and group projects during semester.
See the module descriptor or the module welcome handbook for weighting of
Marks are available via SurreyLearn at the end of each semester. Transcripts are
sent to your Home University for your collection following the Board of Examiners
(Feb/March for semester one and July/August for semester two)
Full credits are awarded for passing modules. The pass mark is 40% for
Undergraduate modules and 50% for Postgraduate modules.
You are entitled to re-sit, but you need to be present during the re-sit sessions.
These are in August for both UG & PG modules.
Module Assessment
Important things to note
Mark deadlines are strictly observed. You must submit your work on time. It is
your responsibility to make sure you know the submission deadlines. 10% is
deducted for every 24hrs late. Work submitted later than 72hrs will not be marked
and a mark of 0% will be entered on to the student’s record.
If you know you are going to struggle to submit your work on time you must make an
application for extenuating circumstances before the deadline. You can make an
application by visiting the Student Advisors in 36MS02 or by emailing
[email protected]
PLEASE make sure you read the Undergraduate Handbook for Academic
Regulations for examinations and coursework. These apply to you!
Learning Agreement
You should have already submitted a learning agreement. If you find you need to make
changes a new agreement will need to be completed and submitted. This must be done
no later than two weeks after the semester commences. Following this date you will not
be able to change modules.
If you need to submit a new learning agreement you should visit the Exchange Office in
the Rik Medlik Building, 13MS01. If you are unable to visit please email us at
[email protected]
More Information
For more information on modules and general exchange queries
Look at the Faculty exchange website:
To discuss issues/contact other exchange students >
Look at the Facebook page for exchange students:
Administrative Support
The Exchange Office (13MS01) is open for students to drop-in with queries and is
open between 9.00am – 4.30pm.
Please feel free to visit the office. If the office is closed, then the Student Support
helpdesk in 34MS01 will be able to assist you.
You can contact us via email on:
[email protected]
Ms Deborah Edwards
Ms Catherine Goodman
Room: 13MS01
Room: 13MS01
Tel: 01483 686187
Tel: 01483 686322
E: [email protected]
E: [email protected]
Exchange Academic Coordinators
School of Hospitality & Tourism
School of Economics
Ms Eunice Eunjung Yoo
Dr Irem Bozbay
Room: 18MS02
Room: 02aAD00
Tel: 01483 683081
[email protected]
Email: [email protected]
School of Law
Surrey Business School
Ms Noreen O’Meara
Dr Filip Agneeseens
Room: 43AP02
Room: 52MS03
Tel: 01483 689143
Tel: 01483 686322
Email: n.o’[email protected]
[email protected]
Other Sources of Support…
Student Support Helpdesk - 34MS01
Student Advisors
Law & Economics - Katrina Dunbar
SBS & SHTM - Paul Coward
[email protected]
Module convenors (see module descriptor online:
International Relations Office – 6TH floor Senate House. Email:
[email protected]
University Student Support Services (see your UG/PG handbooks)
We hope you enjoy your time at Surrey!
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