Together for Mental Health
A Cross-Government Strategy for Mental Health and
Wellbeing in Wales
Jenifer French
Deputy Head for Mental Health and Vulnerable Groups,
Welsh Government
Mental wellbeing & mental illness
All ages
Focus on recovery & reablement
Outcomes from a service user lens
Reducing stigma & discrimination
Human rights approach
• Better Mental Wellbeing and Preventing
Mental Health Problems
• A New Partnership with the Public
• A Well Designed, Fully Integrated Network of
• One System to Improve Mental Health
• Delivering Better Mental Health
Together for Mental Health
Delivery Plan 2012-2016
• In his first annual report in May 2012 First Minister re
emphasised that “delivery is the key word of this
• This Strategy has to be about more than fine words.
The Delivery Plan (DP) seeks to ensure this happens.
• Key actions with clear responsibilities, proposed
mechanisms and measures that can either directly or
indirectly tell us if we have succeeded.
Together for Mental Health
Delivery Plan 2012-2016
• The DP Links outcomes to key actions to be achieved.
• More work to be done on outcomes through a
service user lens.
• Not just for health, embedding key actions from
partners strategies within this work and vice versa.
• More to come, work with other departments so
when they write their strategies we ensure MH
integral to the wider work of Welsh Government.
• Adding value not duplication is key to achieving
Together for Mental Health
Delivery Plan 2012-2016
• How will it work?
• A National Partnership Board (NPB)with a delivery
assurance function. 3rd Dec 2012
• Supported by local multiagency partnership boards
on LHB footprints, Jan 2013. Each will provide
annual reports to NPB Jan 2014.
• NPB annual report on progress to Minister
• Linking targets, KPIs outcomes,etc together
Together for Mental Health
Delivery Plan 2012-2016
• All ages so:
• CAMHS Delivery Assurance Group (DAG).
• Older Persons Mental Health Delivery Assurance
Group (DAG).
• Mental Health Promotion Network a key driver and
supporter of delivery.
• Plus specific issues including annual reports from
Talk to me Suicide and Self harm group PHW.
• Secure services task and finish work to report in.
• Other work as necessary, not cast in stone hence 3
year timeframe.
Together for Mental Health
Delivery Plan 2012-2016
Promoting better mental health and wellbeing
Culture shift, e.g.
• Give Mental Health an equal priority to Physical
• Time to Change; tackling stigma and discrimination.
• Making sure major initiatives include and understand
mental health is central to achieving their key goals
e.g. Flying Start, Families First, IFSS, Supporting
Together for Mental Health
Delivery Plan 2012-2016
A new partnership with the public
• Equity, vulnerable groups, Welsh language.
• Better information empowering people to self
• Active partners in their care
(C&T plans, service planning, evaluation of provision,
advocacy, a real voice and being listened to and
• Support for carers.
Together for Mental Health
Delivery Plan 2012-2016
Well designed integrated network of care.
• Mental Health (Wales) Measure at the heart of this.
What's distinctive about Wales. Holistic person
centred care. Data collection tool in place.
Together for Mental Health
Delivery Plan 2012-2016
Well designed integrated network of care.
• Public services work together in an integrated manner.
• CAMHS access and transition, support for YOTs.
• Adult –OPMH transition.
• Co occurring substance misuse.
• Physical health care and mental health care.
• Psychological therapies.
• Veterans.
• People in custody and in secure MH services.
Together for Mental Health
Delivery Plan 2012-2016
Safety, protection, dignity, recovery and respect
• Safeguarding.
• Environments of care, community and in patient.
• Focus on vulnerable, e.g. those with dementia,
• Recovery and reablement focused.
• Positive risk management.
One System, a cross Government
An informed public sector, mental health literacy
• Finance, welfare reform, signposting
• Housing, Supporting People health input to regional
collaborations, potential within the Housing Bill.
• Education, Schools counselling, Employment skills
• Physical health care
• Employment support
• Libraries, leisure centres, sport
• Criminal justice agencies
Delivering better mental health
Respect and dignity
Sustainable and skilled workforce leadership
Sharing of good practice, improvement model
Peer review
Safe services, well informed, transparency