Fiona Frame

Making the transition from
student to practitioner
The impact of Interprofessional Education
Dr Fiona Frame
Foundation Doctor
Oxford Deanery
CAIPE, November 2012
• Background
• IPE as a nurse
• IPE as a medical student
• IPE as a junior doctor
• The future
About Me
• Trained as a nurse in Edinburgh from 1994-1998
• Trained as a doctor in Leicester from 2008-2012
• I am currently working in the Oxford Deanery
IPE as a nurse
• No IPE in the undergraduate curriculum during my nurse training
– but it became integral to my daily clinical practice
• Staffed in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the Royal Infirmary
• Taught medical students at the University of Edinburgh
• Was a clinical researcher in an interprofessional team (ECCRG)
• Had lots of IPE experience through education and research
My experiences of IPE as a
medical student (1)
• As a graduate entry medic every day is about IPE!
• In addition, IPE is a core element of the undergraduate medical
student curriculum at the University of Leicester
• I participated in IPE in each year of the course
• I experienced variety through diversity
• I used reflection to develop a final portfolio of work
My experiences of IPE as a
medical student (2)
• Opportunities for IPE in clinical practice were sometimes limited
• Encouraged to utilise my IPE experience outside the curriculum
• Organised interprofessional study days/learning events
• Completed
interprofessional Open Educational Resources (OERs)
• Delivered a range of undergraduate and postgraduate
interprofessional teaching via established courses
Transferable knowledge,
skills and attitudes
My experiences as a medical student have reinforced the benefits
that can be derived from IPE by highlighting the impact of:
• Making patient-centred integral to daily clinical practice
• Taking the opportunity to listen to patients and their families in
order to provide responsive, individual quality of care
• Having the opportunity to learn alongside different professional
groups, in order to create shared realities and experiences
• Reaching a greater understanding of the roles and
responsibilities of others - to make teamwork more effective
IPE as a junior doctor
• Structured Foundation Programme: some IPE!
• TAB assessments
• ICU at the JR Hospital in Oxford: promotes an interprofessional
team approach
• Provides opportunities for IPE in daily clinical practice
• Allows me to utilise the knowledge, skills and attitudes that I
have learned and experienced to date
• Facilitates personal and professional development
On reflection: the future
• I have been fortunate to work in an environment where
interprofessional teams are valued and accepted
• The impact of consistent and continued IPE has been reinforced
through my recent undergraduate training
• I can be a positive role-model
• I will maintain my on going commitments to IPE, whilst continuing
to grow and develop as a practitioner
Thank you
[email protected]
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