My Top 2 Careers


My Top 2 Careers By Cody Kreisher

My Physical Need  The test I took with Mrs..Herman and Mrs.Casale I was social.

 I was a person who like to be outside and do things.

What they do!

 Heavy equipment Operator moves dirt from place to place. They also build things with the help of some machines.

How to get this job  You need to finish high school and you need a commercial diver licenses and also a cdl if you want to drive a dump truck. You need to have some experiences of truck driving.

Heavy Equipment Operator – Work Condition  Work Condition – you work in most weather and usually you work out side.

Heavy Equipment Operator training  You can take a course in college for an heavy equipment operator. You need a 3 year degree. Or you need 6,000 hours of on the job training. Also you need 144 hours of in the classroom.

Heavy Equipment Operator Salary  For working in the streets, bridges, and highway construction you make $19.20.

 State Government- $13.52

 Local government –$13.70

Heavy Equipment Operator education  Most jobs provide on the job training but there are some courses you can take to become this. You always need a high school diploma .

Pros and cons  Cons for heavy equipment operator is you can get a bad back.  You work in bad weather  Pros you get paid good money by the government.

 Pros you are helping the community out.

Pros and Cons continued  Pros for forestry you get to be outdoor  You mostly work in the woods  Cons you work in bad weather

What they do? forestry  They plant seeds, work in the woods,supervises the trials , map tree sites.

 Tools they need to complete there job,  They use axes, shovels,crosscut saws,compasses.  They don’t use any power tools because there is no electricity in the woods.

Forestry-work condition  Most of the the time you are outdoors. In bad weather sometimes also.

Forestry-training  There is little education, Many secondary schools, and some colleges offer a 2 year degree.

Earnings for Forestry  $9.12 for forest and conversation officer

Education  You need at least a 2 year degree,or a four year degree.

 Take as many classes such as math,biology,earth science and and natural resources,

My choice  I would choice a heavy equipment operator because they make good money and you really don’t have to go to school.

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