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When Robots
MAGC 2012
Presented by:
N. Eric Heiselt
Director, K-12 Outreach
Bagley College of Engineering
Mississippi State University
What is a Robot?
• Dating back to ancient texts, humans have sought a mechanic or non-human
assistant to accomplish tasks that may be difficult, repetitive or unpleasant.
• Starting with early Golems and predicted to artificial intelligence, the idea of
a non-living assistant has always been a part of humanities imagination.
• The first robot was introduced onstage in 1921 in Prague, Czech Republic,
during a Karl Capek play entitled Rossum's Universal Robots.
• Robots in your household:
• Robots in industry:
• Robots in this room:
• Other terminology
– Autonomous
– Self-directed
Robots in the classroom?
• STEM curriculum
– Math – most advanced robots programming has a basis in
mathematical reasoning.
– Science – generally identified within physical science
(torque, movement is gears, levers, other simple machines),
electricity, and more.
– Technology – the data storage involved in programming
– Engineering – the design and problem solving portions
• Social studies
– Look at the historical context
– Science fiction (futurism)
• Language
– Writing about their planning and discover
– Creative writing
• Simple reactionary application robots
– Artistic Robots
– Dancing Robots
– Mechanical Hands
• Programs
– LEGO Robotics
– VEX Robotics
– SeaPerch Robotics
– BEST Robotics
• MSU & the College of Engineering do NOT host any
sort of LEGO programs.
• Please contact Randall Hicks at Stennis for this. He is
• LEGO Robots can be used far beyond the competition
• is a great website with multiple
SeaPerch Robotics
• Underwater Robots
– Originated at MIT
• Currently sponsored by Stennis and MSU
– Elementary Level – Stennis
– Secondary Level – MSU
• Content includes:
– Buoyancy/Density
– Propulsion
– Marine exploration
• Teacher training & Student build
• Content research
• Competition
• National level only for grades 7-12
• Website:
BEST Robotics
• BEST (Boosting Engineering, Science and Technology) Robotics
– Middle and High School teams
– Design robots from inception to production
– STEM research
– Corporate design
• Competitions
– October 27, Armstrong Middle School, Starkville
Lesson Plans to get you started
• Create-a-Critter
• Artistic Robots
Classroom Resources
The College of Engineering Website -
SeaPerch South -
SeaPerch National –
BEST Robotics –
Engineering Lesson Plans for all age groups & includes multiple applications
for LEGO mindstorms – far beyond competition –