MK Local Offer Presentation

Local Offer
Local Offer Workshop
Wednesday 5th June, 2013
Gillian Shurrock – Head of Delivery – SEN &
Jennie Whelan – Head of Specialist Teaching
Workshop Aims
• To explain what the new legislation means.
• To outline when we expect these changes to happen.
• To explain what the ‘Local Offer’ means and how you can help us
shape it.
What the new legislation means – Key Highlights.
• Local authorities, health and care to commission services jointly.
• New 0 – 25 Education, Health and Care Plan, will replace the
current system of statements and Learning Difficulty Assessments.
• Option of a personal budget for families and young people with a
• New statutory protections for young people aged 16 – 25 in FE and
a stronger focus on preparing for adulthood.
• Local Authorities to publish a clear and transparent ‘Local Offer’.
What is the Local Offer?
• Local Authorities must publish in one place information about
provision they expect to be available in their area for children and
young people from 0 – 25 who have SEN.
• Must include both local provision outside the local area that the
Local Authority expects is likely to be used for children and young
people with SEN, including national provision.
What the ‘Local Offer’ means and how you can help us shape it.
• It is not a list of services.
• It will include a list of services but will be so much more …. With
‘Early Support’ at the heart of our offer.
• We plan for this to be a responsive information source where
parents/carers and professionals alike will know what is available
and what we are planning to be available.
• Schools will also be required to publish their individual Local Offer
A Local Offer has 2 key purposes.
• To provide clear, comprehensive and accessible
information about the support and opportunities
available; and
• To make provision more responsive to local needs and
aspirations by directly involving children and young
people with SEN, parents and carers, and serve
providers in its development and review.
Draft regulations set out ……
• How the Local Offer should be published.
• Who should be consulted.
• How children and young people and families should be involved in
the preparation and review of the local offer.
What must be included
Education, Health and Care Provision for children and young people with
Arrangements for identifying and assessing children and young people’s
SEN, including arrangements for requesting an EHC needs assessment.
Training provision, including, Apprenticeships.
Arrangements for travel to and from schools, post 16 institutions and early
years providers.
Support to help children and young people in moving between phases of
education and to prepare for adulthood.
Minimum Standards for the School Local Offer
• Communicate a clear Local Offer
• Access to transparent information
• Clear choice of school
• Makes clear what provision is normally available
Minimum Standards for School Local Offer
Communicate a clear local offer
Access to transparent information
Clear choice of school
Makes clear what provision is normally
Quality First Teaching
Meeting needs of all pupils
Additional to and
Different From
More Itemised and
Those with longer term or
more enduring
Personalised & Individual
Milton Keynes
Model of
Catch Up - Keep Up
Time limited, short term
(for those at risk of falling
New SEN Code of Practice
• Replacing Early Years/School Action/Plus with a single early
years setting and school-based category of SEN.
• Slim down statutory information.
• Pathfinders are actively developing their local offer.
• SE7 pathfinder covers seven authorities in the South East England.
• It has developed a regional framework for the ‘area wide minimum
• It has developed a list of essential and desirable features.
Essential and Desirable Features
• Essentials:
• Desirables:
• Up to date phone numbers &
• Diagrams explaining how
services work.
• Who is accountable and who
provides what.
• Clear contact for complaints
and information.
• Visual Signals.
• Glossary of Terms.
• List of schools maintained /
non-maintained and special.
• Information on schools not
written by the school.
• Explanatory P Scales and NC
• School policies on SEN, antibullying, equality and
Local Offer - Activity
Please consider in your group:
a) Could the way that we have described the Local Offer be improved?
b) Does the Local Offer give you the information that you expect?
c) What would be on your list of essential and desirable features?
Please put your thoughts down on the flipchart provided.