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Visiting Teachers Program
Visiting Teachers Program
• Based on Memorandum
of Understanding, which enables teachers
from Spain to teach in CA school districts on a J-1
cultural exchange visa for 1 to 3 years.
• The program Started in California in 1986
Visiting Teachers Program
More than 2000 teachers have participated in 26 years
72 teachers began in 1986.
Over 240 teachers from Spain in California
Agreement of Collaboration with more than 50 school districts
and charter schools in 26 years.
School year 2011-2012
60 American teachers and 2700 teacher aides in Spain
300 Spanish teachers were hired by districts in 18 States
Why participate in the program?
For the US :
o The presence of the teachers fosters knowledge and appreciation of
similarities and differences
o It addresses problems associated with the availability of qualified and
certified Spanish-speaking teachers
o It provides communities with a diverse atmosphere
o It brings qualified and extraordinary teachers to the education and
lives of the students
o It promotes cultural links between California and Spain
For Spain:
• Teachers learn about different and good teaching
practices in Californian schools
• It provides a variety of tools for future teaching work
• It improves teaching practice in a multicultural context
• Teachers acquire a more profound knowledge of
American culture
• Teachers transfer this knowledge to the Spanish school
- Fully certified k-12 teachers
- Proficient in English
- All have a BA, and most of them have MA
- They have at least 3 years of teaching experience
- Strongly interested in international education and new
pedagogical opportunities
Teaching subjects:
• Spanish as a Foreign Language
• Immersion programs
• Alternative bilingual programs
• Other subjects (Math, Science, Music, etc.)
 From kingerdarten to grade 12
District’s Responsibilities:
 Logistics support upon teachers’ arrival
 School mentoring and orientation
 Professional development opportunities
 Work along with the Responsible Officer and the
Education Advisors towards the success of the
Teacher’s Responsibilities:
As full-time teachers, they are expected to fulfill the
same requirements as the rest of staff:
 Work regular teaching days
 Elaborate their lesson plans and all other documents
required by their Administrators
 Collaborate actively in their Departments and Schools on
any initiative
 Teach and behave according to the rigor and standards
Ministry of Education:
Covers travel, food, and lodging costs for CDE staff to test
and screen Spanish teachers, and for the selected school
districts to interview and offer teaching contracts in Madrid
Pay for their housing, health, medical evacuation and
repatriation insurances, own travel, US Embassy fees for
School Districts:
Pay the teacher’s salary and benefits according to their
teaching experience and university hours
Challenges for Visiting
- It may take some time for visiting teachers to
adjust to the new school system
- Visiting teachers need support with classroom
management strategies
- Meeting credentialing requirements by exams for
a short stay in California
Kindergarten through twelfth grade students
are reaping the benefits of the partnership
with Spain
Selection Process Calendar
December, 2012:
Yearly national call to recruit candidates
January to March, 2013 :
The ministry and CDE make an initial selection of candidates
- Revision of required documents in Madrid
- Pre-selection of candidates in California
April, 2013 (in Madrid):
1st week.- Responsible Officer from CDE: Mini CBEST &
Oral interview
2nd week District/School charter representatives
travel to Madrid to run the interviews
Brief information session in Madrid for selected teachers
April/June, 2013:
The selected Spanish teachers sign the contract
with each school district/charter school
July, 2013
Three-day Seminar in Madrid paid by the Ministry.
Orientation in California
District support
• Upon arrival: Meeting about details of the process
All the interviews take place at the hotel
• Start at 10:00 – Finish at 5:00 Monday through Friday
• The interviewing teams determine the duration and structure of each interview
• Every day representatives will receive the list and resumés of candidates to
be interviewed the following day
Candidate may provide other type of documentation they regard relevant
January 31, 2013: Information sheet
February 26, 2013: Agreement of Collaboration
April 2013: Interviews in Madrid
July 2013: Orientation for selected teachers in
Madrid and California
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