YWCA Herstory PowerPoint

Our Roots and Our Work
Adapted from the national presentation compiled by Kay Philips and Myrna Deckert
Our call to action in the YWCA Mission:
The YWCA is dedicated to
eliminating racism,
empowering women and
promoting peace, justice,
freedom and dignity for all.
eliminating racism
empowering women
for more than 155 years, the YWCA has
been committed to helping women reach
their full potential – and to this end, has:
• utilized and valued volunteer-staff partnerships
to create opportunities to build women’s
leadership, growth and power
• combined service and social action.
• been active in the women’s movement and,
• been intentional in our work to break down race
and economic barriers affecting women’s
abilities to thrive.
eliminating racism
empowering women
the early days
eliminating racism
empowering women
YWCA Firsts:
1864 First boarding house for female students, teachers and factory workers,
in New York City.
1869 First single mothers residence, “The Retreat,” in Cleveland.
1873 First women’s employment bureau, in New York City.
1903 First home study courses for women, offered in several southern cotton mills.
1915 First interracial conference in the US south, in Louisville.
1916 First English as a second language courses, New York City.
1919 First meeting organized of women physicians.
1924 First women’s pension fund.
1960 The Atlanta YWCA opens its cafeteria to blacks, becoming the city’s first integrated
public dining facility.
1967 Convention adopts freedom of choice resolutions.
1970 Convention adopts the One Imperative, which is re-affirmed at every subsequent convention.
1978 First grant given to a voluntary agency for publicizing jobs for women-led local
public works projects.
1988 First women’s organization invited to join the multi sport division of the US
Olympic Committee.
1992 First National Day of Commitment to Eliminate Racism organized,
First grant given to ensure breast cancer detection services to underserved
We have a proud her-story
and a compelling future…
eliminating racism
empowering women
eliminating racism
empowering women
“Of all the virtues, courage is the most important.
Because without courage, it is impossible to practice
the other virtues with consistency.”
Maya Angelou