ITF 220 - Harvard Kennedy School


ITF 220: The Economics of

International Financial Policy,

Course Preview & Relation to Other Courses

Prof. Jeffrey Frankel

Harvard Kennedy School

January 2014

• Prerequisite for ITF 220:

API 121 Spring Filipe Campante

Macro Theory & Policy

Or its equivalent: standard Intermediate Macroeconomics

• [A substitute for ITF 220, but at a more basic level:

ITF-100 not offered this Fall

Alfred Schipke

International Capital Markets



At more advanced levels:

• API-120 Fall JF

Advanced Macro for Open Economy I

• API-119 Spring Filipe Campante

Advanced Macro for Open Economy II


Other useful / relevant courses

• Econometrics

• Finance –

– API-141 Fall Akash Deep Finance

– ITF 270 Spring Carmen Reinhart Financial Crises

• International trade --

– at a much less technical level,

• ITF-110 F Robert Lawrence Political Economy of Trade

– at same level as ITF-220:

• [ITF-210 F Robert Lawrence Economics of Trade Policy]

• ITF-225 S Robert Lawrence Future of Globalization

& Larry Summers