Job description

Job Title
Reports to
Direct reports
Other management
Main Job Purpose:
Campaigns Communicator (C3)
Office of the General Secretary
Press and Editorial Manager
The post holder will play a key role in presenting effective ITF campaign communications,
using audio-visual and written means.
Main Responsibilities
Input into and assist to develop ITF editorial strategy, maintaining regular communications
with Sections, Departments and Regional Offices on that strategy.
Draft and implement effective and measurable communications plans
Capture and present ITF campaign content using audio and visual and written means.
Build digital engagement and promotional plans in line with agreed criteria and specific
audience (s) in mind.
Post content to the ITF website and other ITF platforms as and when required.
Work with and carry out training for ITF sections, regions and departments to ensure ITF
communications output is effective.
Work with and carry out training for ITF affiliates to support communications initiatives
Identify and explore potential communications gaps in the organisation, initiating new
proposals and suggesting improvements to existing projects
The post holder will be required to;
Decide on when and how to publish ITF content via official social media channels.
Decide on the best course of action to take vis-à-vis interviewing affiliates, employers,
members of the community and other stakeholders.
 Propose communications plans for ITF campaigns and solidarity work.
 Commission (under guidance) campaign branding, films and other campaign output as
 Advise ITF sections, regions, departments and affiliates on best campaign
communications practice.
 Cover press duties, liaising with journalists as well as packaging content and quotes from
ITF stakeholders.
Organisational editorial work such as proofing, copywriting or uploading news stories to the
ITF website will always be required. The post holder will however need the ability to multitask, combining complex, diverse and disparate tasks without losing attention to detail, for
example the post holder will have proven they can:
Measure, interpret and evaluate digital reach and engagement in order to adapt
communications/social media plans e.g. messaging, imagery, frequency of campaign
communications and format.
 Handle press calls effectively and sensitively to raise the visibility of the ITF and maintain
positive relations with journalist.
 Excel at live reporting; able to take pictures, capture quotes, upload content to the site
and share via social media, all whilst taking notes for more in-depth reporting purposes.
 Draft appropriate letters to employers or governments, research contact details of a
government official or CEO, draft and send out a call to action to ITF affiliates, set up a
campaign page
 Organise a protest event: identify and source props, and seek police permission for a
rally, demonstration or press stunt.
The ability to communicate effectively and directly at all levels of ITF affiliates
(leadership to workers) as well as with ITF regions, sections and departments, will be
vital in order to motivate and inspire buy-in.
 The ability to deliver communications training for staff and affiliates (and support the
design of such training) is essential
 The post holder will need to draft compelling narrative with an identified audience in
mind; this is a must.
 One of the key skills will be the ability to produce high-quality interviews that are
informative and emotive, in both filmed and written format.
 The post holder will be required to be diplomatic, confident and knowledgeable whilst
dealing with the press and with e.g. affiliates (including the President) who may be
supplying media quotes, in order to support the press officer to coordinate all aspects of
press work.
Other important requirements of the job not covered above
Proven ability to use current digital communications channels for campaigning purposes
Another language an advantage
Knowledge of the work and aims of the union movement.
Education level,
qualifications or equivalent
Knowledge, experience and
technical skills
Graduate level education or
training and/or significant
proven experience in
journalism, PR, campaigning
Strong copywriting skills.
Sound knowledge and
practical experience of and in
using digital channels for
Good knowledge of another
major world language.
Knowledge and experience
design software, content
management systems and
film/video editing skills.
Proven ability to liaise with
external media.
Interviewing skills for
reporting purposes.
E.g. CMS experience,
Photoshop, illustrator, final
cut pro.
Social media analytics skills.
Experience of trade union
negotiating, organising and/or
campaigning at local, national
or international level.
Highly proficient in English
(verbal and written).
Personal attributes/skills
Strong organisational skills
and the ability to work to tight
Flexibility with team skills to
work in multiple team
Ability to exercise a high level
of discretion, diplomacy,
judgement and initiative.
Knowledge of the transport
industry – or evidence of
ability to acquire it.
Knowledge of the work and
aims of the union movement.
Attention to detail, and
accuracy important.
Practical requirements e.g.
hours, requirement to travel
Commitment to social justice
and to trade unions.
Occasional travel may be