Should schools be more like video games?

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Should schools be more like video games?
• Ms. Price wanted to find a way for students to
become more excited about learning and more
successful. She wanted her students to be as
interested in school as they are in learning to
ride a bike or play a video game.
She knew she would have to work with her students to create
a shared vision of what this new classroom would look like.
What if school was organized into levels so students were
working to be successful, not based on their age, but on
their performance?
What if students had a manual that explained exactly what
they need to know– and need to do– in order to be successful?
What if students were given time and resources to learn at
their own pace and their progress was not dependent on the
progress of other students?
So, Ms. Price knew she couldn’t do this alone and went about
creating the system (Re-Inventing Schools Model) to make
school more like these “what if’s.”
Ingenium Charter School
• As we move into the 2010-2011
school year:
• Students will be invited to partner with their
teacher in their learning so they can be
prepared for the 21st century!
 Students will be taught in large groups, small
groups, and independently
 Students will work on their own, with a group, or
with Ms. Price
 Students will be grouped according to skill level,
and not simply by age
 Students will be a lead stakeholder in their
After completing their assessments, students will create goals
and a capacity matrix to monitor their learning (using the ReInventing Schools Model).
Teachers, parents, and students can keep track of student
progress and parents will know how their child is doing and
how to help them at home.
Students will know exactly what they need to learn and
will understand that they are the center of their learning.
Teachers are excited to implement the new system (ReInventing Schools Model) and know it will work better for
their students.
How Ingenium Charter
School delivers this new
• Full day kindergarten
• Up-to-date technology in classrooms and our
technology learning lab
• Digital library
• Pre-college elective courses
• CHARACTER Counts! ethics training
• “Broadway Lights” performing arts
• After school enrichment program – tutoring,
creative arts, physical education
Our pre-college elective courses:
• U.S. History: California Native American Tribes
• Introduction to Law: From Case to Courtroom
• Health and Nutrition
• Conversational Spanish I
• Technology NOW
Business 101 "For the Serious Entrepreneur“
• Art History
Ingenium Charter School
• Today, CHARACTER COUNTS! Is the most widely
implemented approach to character education,
reaching millions of youth through thousands of
schools & organizations.
• When the program is fully implemented, participants
• Improvement in academic achievement
• Reduction in misbehavior
• Increased attendance
• Improvement in school climate
Pillars of Character
• Trustworthiness - Think "true blue“
• Respect - Think The Golden Rule
• Responsibility - Think being responsible for a garden
or finances; or as in being solid and reliable like an oak
• Fairness - Think of dividing an orange into equal
sections to share fairly with friends
• Caring - Think of a heart
• Citizenship - Think regal purple as representing the
Performing Arts at Ingenium Charter School
Big Up Kidz Provides An Integrated
After School Enrichment Program
• Ingenium Charter School provides an After
School Program (ASP) aligned with the daily
classroom curriculum
• Program is provided by Big Up Kidz
Purpose of After School Program
 To provide a safe place for your child during the critical
hours between school dismissal and parents arrival
home from work
 To increase the student’s overall success in school
through use of literacy programs and support of the
instructional day’s lessons
 To build healthy relationships between students and
 To help students build self-confidence and a positive
self image
After School Program Basic
Days of Operation: Every day that the school is open
Hours of Operation: 3:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M.
Minimum Day Hours of Operation: 12:30 P.M. to 6:00 P.M.
Daily Breakdown: Classes will be broken down into
approximately one hour segments, with a 20-30 minute
snack break.
Location: Ingenium Charter School (There will be no
transporting of the students)
Late Pick Ups: There will be a 30 minute grace period, you
will be able to pick up your child until 6:30 P.M. every day
ASP Academic Components
• Classes that help to strengthen your child
academically may include: foreign language,
mad science, mental math, creative writing,
reading rocks, geography, etc.
ASP Life Skills Classes
• We also provide classes that help teach life
skills such as gardening, yoga, cooking, etc.
ASP Physical Education Classes
• Physical education classes help to keep your
child healthy and fit. Your child will participate in
30-40 minutes of Physical Education daily
during the After School Program.
ASP Creative Arts Module
• Creative arts classes may include: music
related classes, visual arts and performing
After School Program Elements
• Elements
 Physical Education/Snack
 Homework with Tutoring
 Enrichment
 Literacy and Intervention
 Field Trips
 Creative Arts
 Healthy Snack = our
communication portal with families,
students, & community
“The RISC Aproach to Schooling is the most
comprehensive and well-articulated approach to
standards-based reform in the country.”
• Robert J. Marzano
Leading education researcher
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