The University of Hong Kong

PhD Study at
The Faculty of Education
The University of Hong Kong
Professor Frederick K.S. Leung
Hong Kong: a unique fusion of East and West
Hong Kong.Asia’s World City
 Located at the crossroads of East and West,
on the doorstep of Mainland China
 Vibrant and cosmopolitan lifestyle
 Cultural fusion and diversity
 Instilled with the duality of a modern city’s vitality enhanced by a
traditional society’s historical richness and colour
The University of Hong Kong
“Sapientia et Virtus”
(To Cultivate Wisdom and Virtue)
Established in 1911, The University of Hong
Kong (HKU) is an English speaking,
international, and comprehensive university
with 10 Faculties.
HKU is a researchintensive university
with top-class facilities.
An English Speaking
International University
The University of Hong Kong
Founded in 1911
The University of Hong Kong
The Oldest
University in
Hong Kong
The University of Hong Kong
Best University in Asia
Ranked 26th in the World (3rd in Asia)
The Quacquarelli Symonds (QS)
World University Rankings 2013/14
Ranked 43rd in the world (3rd in Asia)
Times Higher Education, 2013/14
The University of Hong Kong
An International University
• Academics recruited from leading
universities across the world (over 2,600
teaching and research staff with 55% from
• Over 5,000 international students;
academic links with more than 400 overseas
• Highest % of non-local PhD Students among
universities in Hong Kong
The University of Hong Kong
A Comprehensive University
• Wide Range of Fields of Study
Business & Economics
10 Faculties
44 Academic Departments/
The University of Hong Kong
Social Sciences
A University with Top-class Facilities
• Fully Wi-Fi campus
• Top-class Libraries
• Over 2.85M print volumes and 64,453
• Over 2.90M e-books, 55,000 e-journals and
680 e-databases
The University of Hong Kong
A Research-intensive University
• Highest no. of international publications per
staff among universities in H.K.
• Largest amount in research grants
• Highest number of awards
• Greatest number of Croucher Senior Research
• Highest no. of Chinese Academy of Sciences
(CAS) Academicians in Hong Kong
• 4 State Key Laboratories (SKLs)*:
–Emerging Infectious Diseases (2005)
–Brain and Cognitive Sciences (2005)
–Synthetic Chemistry (2010)
–Liver Research (2010)
The University of Hong Kong
Why pursue a PhD degree in HKU?
• We place high value on our research
postgraduate students
- Research postgraduate students make up 12% of the
total student population
- Excellent facilities and support for research students
• Our graduates have bright career prospects
- Our graduates are employed in high-level positions in
universities, government, business and industry in Hong
Kong and around the world.
The University of Hong Kong
Global Lounge
on campus
Sports Facilities
Flora Ho Sports Centre
Stanley Ho Sports Centre
Outdoor and indoor swimming pools
Climbing wall
Dance studio
Fitness room & gym
Badminton courts
Squash courts
Table tennis courts
Tennis courts
Weight training room
Track & field facilities
Areas for basketball, cricket, golf, handball, hockey, lacrosse, rugby,
soccer, softball, volleyball, etc.
Faculty of Education
The University of Hong Kong
The Faculty
 Origins in a Department in the Faculty of Arts, founded in
 A School of Education was formed in 1976
 Developed into the Faculty in 1984
World No. 16 in 2013/14 (QS World University Ranking for
 The Faculty is a comprehensive
education body, engaged in
teaching, research, community
work and professional service.
Faculty’s Vision
The Faculty aspires
to lead the study and practice of education,
to influence public policy and improve
community life through education, and
to nurture graduates who are passionately
committed to their professions.
Academic Staff
The Faculty has more than 100 academic staff from all over the world.
European Countries 11%
North American
Countries 11%
Hong Kong
Other Asian
Countries 4%
Australia & New Zealand 5%
 During three-year period
Over 1,000 publications in journals, books, and
conference proceedings; and also published teaching
Strong record of attracting research grants from Quality
Education Fund (QEF), Research Grants Council (RGC)
and various other agencies.
PhD & MPhil
Research Foci
Comparative Education
Curriculum Studies
Early Childhood Education
Education in China
Educational Leadership and
Educational Policy
Educational Psychology and
Psychology of Classrooms
Guidance and Counseling
Higher Education Policy and
Information Management
• Information Technology in Education and Computer
Mediated Learning
• Mathematics and Science Education
• Sciences of Learning
• Sociology of Education
• Special Education
• Speech, Hearing and Communication Sciences
• Teaching Chinese Language and Literature
• Teaching English and Chinese as Second Languages
PhD Studies in HKU
The University of Hong Kong
PhD Studies in HKU
Admission Requirement
Bachelor’s degree (1st class Hons), or
Bachelor’s degree (Hons) plus taught Master’s deg, or
Bachelor’s degree (Hons) plus MPhil
from a good University
Study Period: 4 years (3 years for students with MPhil)
Fees: HK$42,100 per year
Tuition fee amounts to only 20% of the actual cost of
80% of the cost is paid by the HKSAR Government
Scholarships, Awards
and Grants
The University of Hong Kong
Scholarships, Awards and Grants
Hong Kong PhD Fellowships (HKPF)
Available for selected full-time PhD candidates with
outstanding academic performance and research
ability / potential
HKPF is worth HK$240,000 (US$30,760) per year
plus conference and research-related travel
allowance of HK$10,000 per year
Online Application:
Scholarships, Awards and Grants
University Postgraduate Fellowships (UPF)
Available for selected full-time PhD candidates with excellent
academic record
UPF is worth HK$70,000 on-top of the Postgraduate Scholarship
(PGS is not less than HK$13,600 per month) – Total US$23,170
per year
HKPF applications to HKU are automatically considered for UPF.
Separate applications are not required.
Scholarships, Awards and Grants
Postgraduate Scholarship (PGS)
For every qualified full-time candidate
Not less than HK$13,600 per month i.e., US$20,920 per year
hours of services /year)
Financial Support for Conference Attendance / Travel
Conference support once or travel support once
PLUS other university scholarships, and scholarships,
awards and prizes set up at Department and Faculty
The University of Hong Kong
Application Deadlines
Hong Kong PhD Fellowships (HKPF)*
- Initial application to RGC: December 1, 2014 noon
- Full Application to HKU: December 1, 2014
*HKPF applications automatically considered for University Postgraduate
Fellowships (UPF).
Postgraduate Scholarships
- Main Round Application Deadline: December 1, 2014
- Clearing Round Application Deadline: April 30, 2015
Online Application:
For applications to the Faculty of Education, please submit your CV and
preliminary research proposal to the Office of Research (Email:
[email protected]) before submitting your application online, at
Supporting Documents
Research Statement or Research Proposal
Certificate of degree qualification
Two recommendation letters
TOEFL or IELTS test report (for applicants from institutions
outside HK where the language of instruction and examination
is not entirely in English)
GMAT/GRE score report (for admission to Faculty of Business
& Economics)
Research plan and Vision statement (for HKPF and UPF)
Detailed requirements at
TOEFL / IELTS Test Report
TOEFL (taken within 2 years)
Arts Faculty* – 550 or above, AND TWE score
of 4 or above
Other Faculties^ – 550 or above
*Except the School of Chinese and Centre of Buddhist Studies
^Including the School of Chinese and Centre of Buddhist Studies
IELTS (taken within 2 years)
Arts Faculty – Band 7 with no subtest < 5.5
Other Faculties – Band 6 with no subtest < 5.5
For students in mathematics education
• If you want to study under Professor
Frederick K.S. Leung, please contact him at
[email protected]
• Home-page:
• See also:
Thank you very much for your attention!
Remember: Deadline for applications of
Hong Kong PhD Fellowships (HKPF)
University Postgraduate Fellowships (UPF), and
Main Round of Postgraduate Scholarships:
December 1, 2014
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