Now you are in grade 11….
Overview of session
Making Choices about Postsecondary options
Course Selection/Prerequisites
My Blueprint
University Tools:
College articulation agreements: University degrees
offered through colleges
An apprenticeship is a combination of on-the-job
training and classroom learning that leads to a trade
credential. Once you complete your hours in the
apprenticeship, you are qualified to work in the trade.
You can start the hours in high school through a coop
program, but you need to be signed up with the
Ministry of Training in a formal agreement to officially
get the trade
A certificate program at a college will give you some
fundamental skills before approaching an employer
Dual Credit
Students in the Dual Credit Program spend
some of their time at St. Lawrence taking
college or apprenticeship courses and the
rest of their time at Holy Cross taking
regular high school courses and/or Coop
Successfully completing a Dual Credit
college course or apprenticeship program
enables a student to earn both a high
school credit and a college credit at the
same time.
Dual Credit Courses
 Psychology
Computer Science
 Databases
 Networking
 Web Page Design
 C++ Programming
 Make - Up
 Body Treatments
 Manicure
 Accounting
 Business Fundamentals
 Communications
 Marketing
 Baking Techniques
 Cuisine and Culture
 Kitchen Management
 Food Theory
Dual Credit Courses (continued)
 Others
Social Science
 Medical Lab Technician
 Child Development
 Taste of the Trades
 Nutrition Connections
 Musical Theatre Production
 First Nations Peoples  Child & Youth Worker
Issues on Society
 Justice Studies
 Apprenticeship Programs
 Media and the Arts
 Carpentry
 Fitness
 Hairstylist
 Addictions
 Brick and Stone Masonry
 Plumbing
Things to Remember:
University Requirements
6 U/M GRADE 12 courses (research each university)
Math prerequisites (MCR 3U – leads to MHF 4U and MCV 4U)
Coop is not a “U” or “M” level course
Ontario Scholar (80% in top six grade 12 courses)
Financial Information
Entrance Scholarships
Specific Scholarships
OSAP meeting in May
Community Service Hours
40 hours required
60 hours for a Crusader Certificate
Appointment Slips
Fill in slip
Pick up slip in the morning!!!
Have fun researching!!!