51 tips to parents - Kendriya Vidyalaya No.2 Langjing

KV No.2 Langjing
KV No.2 Langjing
KV No.2 Langjing
1. Send your children to school
KV No.2 Langjing
2. Visit the school to discuss your child’s
education with the teachers at least once
in a month.
KV No.2 Langjing
3. Participate actively on PTA activities.
KV No.2 Langjing
4. Provide all facilities at
home for the education
of the child.
5. Give books and other
educational aids in time.
6. Always try to provide a
very conducive
atmosphere at home.
KV No.2 Langjing
7. Devote some time
exclusively for your
children every day.
8. Encourage the child to
narrate the happenings
at school.
9. Enquire about the
problems and welfare of
the child from
KV No.2 Langjing
10. Try to solve his/her problems maximum.
KV No.2 Langjing
11. Do not behave
discriminately with
12.Give equal
consideration to
boys and girls.
KV No.2 Langjing
13. Be a role model to
children as far as
discipline etc. are
KV No.2 Langjing
14. Allow the child to participate in
cooking and cleaning.
KV No.2 Langjing
15. Train the child in
preparing shopping
list and simple
money transactions.
16. Take the child along
with you while going
for shopping.
KV No.2 Langjing
17. Encourage and recognize the
activities of the child
KV No.1 CPCRI Kasaragod
18. Encourage the child to participate in
making kitchen garden flower garden.
KV No.2 Langjing
19. Do not isolate the child while talking with elders.
20. Let the child talk with the guests coming home
KV No.2 Langjing
21. Do not compare your child with
other children.
KV No.2 Langjing
22. Allow the child to
play independently
with his/her friends.
23. Know your child’s
friends .
KV No.2 Langjing
24. Sing to your child
different types of
25. Tell him/her stories.
KV No.2 Langjing
26. Introduce him/her to
riddles and
27. Make toys for
him/her using
matchsticks, paper
match box etc. Help
to make toys by
KV No.2 Langjing
28. Take the child to
fields, hills, rivers,
sea, neighborhoods,
relatives, public
places etc.
29. Participate in the
activities of the field
group of the school.
KV No.2 Langjing
30. Try to answer the simple doubts of
the child in your own way.
KV No.2 Langjing
31. Encourage the child to collect
KV No.2 Langjing
32. Read out
newspapers, child
literature, magazines
etc. to the child.
Help him to read
KV No.2 Langjing
33. Help him to write the
diary everyday.
34. Encourage the child
to write letter to
friends and relatives.
KV No.2 Langjing
35. Help the child to make
albums of leaves,
stamps, feathers,
pictures etc.
36. Help the child to make
books such as “My Song
Book”, “My Story Book”,
“My Environment Book”,
“My Tricky Mathematics
Book” etc.
KV No.2 Langjing
37. Encourage painting by giving
colour pencils, drawing sheets etc.
KV No.2 Langjing
38. Train the child to find out the time from
the clock and dates from calendar etc.
KV No.2 Langjing
39. Observe night skies with the child.
KV No.2 Langjing
40. Encourage the child
to observe and
enquire things in
and around the
41. Introduce the child
to household
equipment and their
KV No.2 Langjing
42. Train the child to play chess.
KV No.2 Langjing
43. Consider the opinions of the child when
discussing household matters.
KV No.2 Langjing
44. Try to recognize the personality of
the child.
KV No.2 Langjing
45. Do not watch TV or
listen to radio after
instructing the child
to read or write.
46. ensure the child
through your
activities that you
love him.
KV No.2 Langjing
47. Help the child to
participate in arts
and sports festivals
and science and
KV No.2 Langjing
48. Entrust him/her with
responsibilities such
as watering the
garden maintaining
household accounts
49. Introduce the child
to environment
related plants, birds
and flowers.
KV No.2 Langjing
50. Help the child to do
textbook activities.
51. Take part in various
literary and
mathematical games
of the child.
KV No.2 Langjing
The End
Prepared by:
G. Bhuvan Babu, TGT(AE)
KV 2 Langjing