MAP Parent Presentation - Universal American School

NWEA Measures of Academic Progress
Universal American School Dubai
MAP Overview
 Fall 2014 – KG2 – Gr. 10
 Measures of Academic Progress (MAP)
 Mathematics KG2-Gr. 10
 Reading KG2-Gr. 10
 Language Usage Gr. 3 - Gr. 10
 Untimed Tests
 35-60 minutes for administration
 Testing periods in both Fall and Spring
What is a RIT Score?
• An equal interval scale
• Can be measured from test to test
• Compares growth over time
What do we do
with the data?
The School
•Look for patterns of strengths and weaknesses
•Evaluate effectiveness of programs
The Teacher
•Look at growth of individual students
•Look at strengths and weaknesses in their classes
•Use date to guide instruction
The Parent
•Look at your child’s strengths and weaknesses
•Focus on your child’s growth
•Celebrate the growth
Resource Materials
Website Resources
UAS Dubai Elementary School Blog
Working Together
Learning Together
The Learning Curve
Support us as we learn to use this data effectively
to guide instruction and improve student learning
Contact your divisional principal