Late work

50 first dates
• What happened to the main character that caused her to have
memory problems? What sections of the brain were damaged in the
• Give description/examples of the different types of memories
displayed. Semantic, flashbulb, etc. (use your notes). Prove 2
examples each and tell what happened and why it would fit as that
particular type of memory.
• Why would the family repeat the same day over-and-over? Explain.
Was it coddling Lucy? Were they trying to protect her? Or was there
other reasons? Use a paragraph to explain your answer.
• Describe the other characters and how the interact with Lucy (pick
any three). What is each of them doing for her or against her? Is
anything being done to help her regain her memory?
• Why can Lucy only remember before the accident? She seems
unwilling to face the memory of the accident (understandably), but
could the unwillingness of the character to accept the past be a
reason for her memory problems or is it similar to the man with a 30
second memory? Describe your answer with example from the
movie and class to explain. 4 -5 sentences.
Secrets of a Wild Child
• Genie lived her early years almost entirely alone. List the things that she “failed to
learn” because she was alone.
• According to the documentary, was Genie able to learn after she was rescued from
her isolation? In your response, describe the impact of socialization (including any
agents of socialization) on Genie’s progress.
• What, if anything, held her back?
• Isolated children have unusual learning histories. Suggest the reasons why we
think we can learn something about normal learning from studying these children.
• Genie’s case is particularly interesting to researchers who work in the area of
language acquisition. Scientists believe that there may be a critical period for first
language acquisition. This means that there is a time limit during which the
baby/child must be exposed to language if s/he is to acquire language normally. In
theory, if a child is not exposed to language during the critical period, s/he will
never be able to acquire it normally. Do you think that this was the case with
Genie? Or, do you believe that she may have had underlying learning disabilities
from birth?
Decision Making Reflection
• Write a paragraph explaining the decision
making process.
– Did your group agree with each other?
– As more information became present how did the
decision process change?
– Did you individually change your mind on who
should be left behind? Explain.
Book Work 386
Section 1 pg 392 #1 & 2
Section 2 pg 395 #1-3
Section 3 pg 397 # 1-3
Section 4 pg 402 #1 , 3
Section 5 pg 405 # 1,2
Gardiner’s 8 Intelligences Poster
• Label all 8 of Gardiner’s Principles
• Define them
Freedom Writers
• Freedom Writers deal with the problem of kids who have lost faith.
With who did they lose faith in and how are they acting because of
• What does Ms. G. do to unite the kids? What does it show them?
• Why do the diaries bring the students closer to Ms. G. and make
them more willing to listen?
• What type of the 4 motivations is she trying to use? Explain. Use
the movie!
• Why are other teachers less willing to help? Does this make them
unfit to teach or shows Ms. G’s strengths.
• Based on Maslow’s theory where do these students fit on the chart
in the beginning? At the end? Does this agree with Maslow’s
theory? Why/Why not?
Book Work 298
• Section 1 pg 302 # 1-3
• Section 2 pg 306 # 1 , 3
• Section 3 pg 311 # 1 ,2
• Section 4 pg 316 # 1
• Understanding Main Ideas pg 318
Sections 1 and 4