43% 80% One question. How close are you

One question.
How close are you
to your customers?
say their bank does not
fully understand their
financial needs
of customers would trust
a non-bank to handle
their banking needs
of customers have a high
interest in IoE-enabled
banking concepts
What’s the Value at Stake?
Banks can realize bottom-line profit increases ranging from
5.3% in Germany to 15.2% in China by applying IoE capabilities
based on a bank with $5 billion in annual revenue
Banks who reconnect with customers,
will differentiate themselves from competitors,
and thrive in the Internet of Everything
Cisco Connected
Banking Portfolio
App Centric Infrastructure
Move at the speed of business
and your customers
Remote Expert Branch
Connect in real-time with HD video
collaboration in your branches
Connected Analytics
Access data wherever
it is, optimize your
infrastructure, deliver
real-time streaming
Data Center
Contact/Expert Centers
Cyber Security
Protect identity,
data and operations
Self-Service Branch
Full-Function Branch/Store
Remote Expert
Give customers instant
access to your experts
Interactive Digital Media
Engage with entertaining and
interactive touch
Connected Mobile Experience
Provide valuable information to
sales and marketing
Digital Banking Customer
Success Stories
“Nationwide NOW has been so well received we’ll be increasing the range of
services, meaning branches will be able to offer more to our customers.”
Mark Goldman, Divisional Director
Nationwide Building Society
“India is in the midst of a major demographic transition and we recognize that
our customers increasingly expect digital services to help them manage their
financial needs.”
Arundhati Bhattacharya, Chairman
State Bank of India
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