Career pathways in science

Career pathways in science
Dr Robert Bowles
Royal Society of Chemistry
Career pathways in science
Some thoughts on careers (in science)
Perceptions of science
Environmental careers
Professional recognition
Roles models and resources
Some thoughts
• Students now need to be preparing
for a 50 year career
• It WON’T be linear
• Today’s students will have 10-14 jobs
by the time they’re 38…..*
• Career ≠ Job
• Career = Lifelong learning journey
*Google: Did you know? Shift Happens 2014
Perceptions of science
• Difficult choice beyond
• Fear of making a mistake
• Stressful in the job and
getting the job
• Doing good
• Making an Impact
• For the future
BIS report: Project STEM book of insights:
Environmental careers
Satellite Technology
Renewable energy technologies
Waste Management
Environmental Consultancy
Apprenticeship routes into
environmental careers
Advanced (Level 3)
Higher (Level 4)
Access/Recreation Officer
Environmental Management •
Social Forester
Assistant Arboricultural Officer
Built Environment and Design •
Higher (Level 5)
Building & Surveying
Civil Engineering Technician
Built Environment
Environmental Supervisor
(Manufacturing Engineering)
Environmental Manufacturing
Planning Engineer
Project Manager
Higher (Level 6)
• Commercial Manager
• Quantity Surveyor
Professional recognition in the
• RSciTech: Registered Science
• RSci: Registered Scientist
• CChem: Chartered Chemist
• CSci: Chartered Scientist
– awarded by wide range of professional
bodies including the RSC, SOB
Examples of role models
Alastair Brownlee - Olympic Triathlete Gold medallist at London
2012 – degree in Sports Science and Physiology
Jessica Sales - a chemist at the beginning of her career, applies
her love for chemistry in an apprenticeship at SI Group-UK.
“I feel that apprenticeships are the best way into a science
profession as you gain practical as well as theoretical skills which
can help further your career and give you a starting point ahead of
people who may have just gone to university.”
Dr Charles West - a professional footballer who became a chemist
Web Resources
• Chemistry
– A Future in Chemistry
– 175 Faces of Chemistry
• Biology
• Physics
• All STEM:
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