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A Program Designed to
Reduce Inventory,
Increase Productivity & Lower Your Costs
Simple and Visual
Program Overview
•Accutite’s VMI Programs are service-driven
•Enables us to assume 100% responsibility for all aspects
of supply logistics, eliminating lead times, day-to-day
headaches, and minimizing inventory
•We take you out of the tedious hardware management
•Providing the lowest “total cost of ownership” (TCO)
•Frees you up to focus on your core manufacturing
Simple and Visual
Trouble With Hardware
 Overstock
 Stock Outs
 Material Handling
 Program Implementation
Simple and Visual
Too Much Material
 Fear of running out
 Error in planning
 Vendor can take advantage
 Change in design
Simple and Visual
Not Enough Material
 Vendor is late
 Error in planning
 Lost parts
 Production spike
Simple and Visual
Cost of Buying
 Manufacturing has changed
 80% of their time chasing parts
 20% of their inventory value
 Cost of buying is greater than
the value of the part being
Simple and Visual
Cost of Buying
Purchasing Costs
Transfer Costs
Receiving Costs
Carrying Costs
Simple and Visual
Handling the Material
The part goes everywhere but where it’s needed...
Simple and Visual
Vendor Managed Inventory
 No material handling
 No warehousing of excess
 Receive exact quantities at the
exact time
 Support your manufacturing
Simple and Visual
About Accutite Fasteners
 Doing business for more than 35 years
 Branches in Long Beach and San Diego
 Serviced over 80 VMI accounts
 Service-Driven
 Veteran Owned
Simple and Visual
Racks, Bins and Labels
Simple and Visual
• Your part number
• Part description
• Quantity
• Bar code
• Lot control
• Date delivered
Simple and Visual
Additional Products
Simple and Visual
VMI Process
Simple and Visual
Point Of Use (POU)
Simple and Visual
SOMI (Supplier Owned Managed Inventory)
Control of your Hardware
Custom, Efficient , Flexible
Lower your Inventory levels
Reduces Your Carrying Cost
Small Footprint
Simple and Visual
Dispensing System
 Extends supply chain to point-of-use, cost
control no longer ends at back door
Enforces discipline on the shop floor 100% accountability
24/7 distributed, “pull” system
Drives the process to the correct level
Provides automatic replenishment
Provides reports that assist in decision
Simple and Visual
Quality Assurance
Sample and analyze
to your print
Simple and Visual
Quality Assurance
Dock to Stock
“Dock to Stock Status
Approval applied for
the qualified part
numbers which comply
to QAP 5.6.”
Certified Supplier
“Through performance
and quality system
evaluation, hereby
approved to participate
in Cannon’s Certified
Supplier Program”
Simple and Visual
“For your
outstanding and
dedicated service to
our partnership”
President’s Award of
“For significant
contribution to the
improvement of design,
cost, quality and delivery
of fasteners and for
superior customer
21 satisfaction”
Additional Information
Simple and Visual
Current VMI Partners
Simple and Visual
Why Accutite?
 Over 35 years of VMI history
 Dedicated VMI vehicle fleet & drivers
 VMI Staff of Professionals Who Care
Simple and Visual
Why Accutite?
 Work together & share ideas
 Continuous Improvement (Kaizen)
 Lower the Cost of doing business
Proactive Team
Evaluate usage-to-production
Identify potential issues
Part Standardization
Actively pursue new ideas &
manufacturing trends
Simple and Visual
Seamless Transition
 No major changes!
 Ease into the new Accutite
 Replace labels with new
 Loose parts into bag
 Excess inventory to
another location
Simple and Visual
Visual Status
Drivers Log &
End Cap Info Sheet
Simple and Visual
Account Representative
Inside Sales
This individual will be a highly experienced fastener expert
responsible for day to day management and support of the
overall program performance. Responsibilities include:
 Running Accutite customer material needs analysis, VMI
and delivery coordination.
 Providing oversight of delivery, audit/verification and
delivery logistics analysis and support.
 Serving as a focal point for communication and
understanding immediate needs for your
 Responsible for Accutite delivery and expediting.
Simple and Visual
Account Executive
Outside Sales
This person oversees the VMI program, logistics and processes.
He maintains a global perspective and an acute
understanding of your goals while providing opportunities for
continuous improvement. Responsibilities include:
 Providing manufacturing support assistance and on-call
service to assembly lines.
 Providing engineering applications and design assistance at
your facility.
 Implementing new program parts (samples, quotations, and
 Drives multiple part consolidation efforts. (reducing part
Simple and Visual
VMI Service Technician
Driver—On-site Auditor
 Delivers material directly from
Accutite trucks to designated
delivery areas.
 Audits bin levels & responds to
production line lead requests.
 Provides immediate response
service for delivery issues.
 Provides housekeeping of
Accutite inventory areas and
handling of return items.
Simple and Visual
 Accutite is not a “Me Too…” company
 Accutite has the experience
 Accutite has the knowledge
 Accutite has the resources to help take your company
to the next level of efficiencies
 Accutite goes the extra mile to help you reach your
Simple and Visual
A Program Designed to
Reduce Inventory,
Increase Productivity & Lower Your Costs
Simple and Visual