Welcome to FSA Night - Mater Beach Academy

Welcome to FSA Night
Florida Standards
Third Grade
Why are we replacing the FCAT?
• With new, more rigorous standards in place to help
Florida students succeed, the FCAT 2.0 no longer serves
the purpose of measuring student progress and
• This new method of assessment will allow teachers to
emphasize critical thinking, which will provide our
students with even greater opportunities to live and
learn in Florida.
FSA Information for Families
• Students will be tested in English Language Arts and
Math Skills
• Paper based Exam will be held from March 16th - April
What assessment will my child
be taking?
English Language Arts- Reading Component
• 2 sections of 80 minutes each (2 testing days)
• 2 sections of 80 minutes each (2 testing days)
• The new test will provide a more authentic assessment
of the Florida Standards, because it will include more
than multiple choice questions.
FSA Sample English Language Arts
Main Idea:
• Select the statement that is the main idea of the article.
• Select the sentence from the article that supports your answer.
Character Traits:
Part A:
• How does the main character feel in the paragraph below?
Part B:
• Select the sentences that show this feeling.
FSA Sample Math Question
• Tom planted 5 rows of flowers with 7 flowers in each row.
Write a multiplication equation that shows the number of
flowers in Tom’s rectangular shaped garden?
(Equation Response)
• Tom told Mary he planted 48 flowers in the rectangularshaped garden. Select the correct sentence Mary could use
to describe how the flowers were planted?
(Multiple Choice Response)
• Parents may log onto www.fsassessments.org
• Students may access the practice test on this
• Reading Question Task Cards Grade 3
• As a third grader your child will be taking the FSA. Your child’s
score needs to be at least a level 2 on the reading/writing portion
in order to pass.
• What happens if my child doesn't pass? = Retention
• Opportunities to pass third grade
Spring FSA for English Language Arts
March 16th- April 10th
Reading Student Portfolio
January 20th – May 8th
ASRA (Alternative Standardized Reading Assessment) May 26th- June 3rd
Summer Reading (AAGTP)
Summer School (TBA)