G54 MET Coursework II Presentation

UCD Methods For Understanding Users In
Computer Science – Music application
UCD Methods For Understanding
Users In Computer Science –
Music application
MSc Group coursework
Role /
Team leader /
User study, task analysis social process, user
Survey questionnaire, Contextual Interview
Ability and
Design and conduct a large scale user study
and survey
+  Introdution
 Task
analysis –
Social Process of Get / Use / Share Music
 Aiming
to study how users apply music
application in their real daily lives.
 Through
questionnaire method and the
field study approach with the contextual
interview method, the quantitive and
qualitative information had to be elicited. It
helped researcher to conduct a objective
and detailed and in-depth analysis, to
understand the user requirements of music
 The
sequentially ordered activities of user's
actual operation
 The
resources, such as other software used in
those activities
 The
collaborations involved and the
contributions made
 The
improvement of the music software
Part 1.Personal details of the participant.
Part 2.The awareness and usage of the music software application.
Part 3.Music acquisition have been stated.
Part 4.The way of sharing music.
Part 5.User feedback and suggestions to improve the software.
Recruitment of participants:
Participants age from 18 – 30 years / Number of participants : 67
 Ethics: Consent form / Data
gathering: Online Survey
Contextual interview is a form of one-on-one interview as it allows
researcher observes participants’ work as they work and gets
actual demonstrations of activities of using music software
application from them. It is conducted in participant’s own
 Recruitment
of participants: Six contextual interview
activities were contacted separately with six user classes who
are from different countries including male and female.
 Ethics: Consent form
 Data
gathering: Video record
Task analysis - Social Process
Task analysis - Social Process
Task analysis - Social Process
Functional Requirement
Support the way to access music (go online store,
recommend popular music page and search function)
Support search desired music by artist, album, song and genre.
Support store music function (file folder, playlist, download and burn)
Support play, reply, auto play, play by shuffle, play by list.
Support stored music function and manage music.
Support favourite music function
Support share music function
(share to social media, send as e-mail, send as message.
Non-Functional Requirement
Register into the music software
with the same account that is used on other social media )
Compatible with different music formats is preferable
Does not take long time till the process of playing music
The Quality of the sound track should be high
The software should be simple and easy to use
Contains Help function and support
Compatible with the most used platforms to facilitate the sharing music
Shows tips and clear instruction after each update
Up-to-date with music, tracks, and functions
Thank you