A little about Jed and Kirk Norwood

A little about Jed and Kirk Norwood
Combined they have been trading
for 13 plus years doing stock,
They found the foreign currency
market about 7 years ago and find it
to be the market they like the best.
As they were learning the ins and
outs of the currency market they
found that there was not a good
complete course that would take
you from entry level to advanced
In order to get the education traders
needed to be successful they had to
mix a couple of systems together
when going from the early stages of
trading to the more advances levels.
By mixing systems they became
confused and it slowed their
education down.
Traders saw what they were doing
and started asking them to teach
them this system.
Jed and Kirk love to teach and trade
so they came up with a course that
would bridge the gap from entry to
advanced levels of trading.
Over the years they have had the
privilege of speaking via phone,
email, or chat over 30,000
This is what has given them the
cutting edge in Forex training they
have see the problems and struggles
of each one of them and used these
as fuel to create a solution for
everyone in their programs.
Jed and Kirk are just ordinary guys
that love to trade and do things
others love to do. They have found
that trading can be fun especially
when you are trading with likeminded traders.
Many of the things they do are to
make trading easier and more fun
for themselves. As they do this they
have found that it appeals to others
as well so the like-minded group of
traders was formed and continues to
grow each day.
It is great when many people all
speak the same trading language
and help others become better