MATH 2300 - Department of Mathematics

Bachelor of
in Mathematics
and Economics
Requirements for
Acceptance in Program
Must have completed MATH 2300
(Calculus III) or equivalent
A GPA  2.5 overall
A GPA  2.5 in Math courses numbered 1500
(Analytic Geometry and Calculus I) or above
(except for MATH 2100)
Required Math Courses
MATH 1500: Analytic Geometry and Calculus I
MATH 1700: Calculus II
MATH 2300: Calculus III
MATH 3000: Introduction to Advanced Mathematics
MATH 4100: Differential Equations
MATH 4140: Matrix Theory
MATH 4700: Advanced Calculus of One Real Variable I
One of:
MATH 4720: Introduction to Abstract Algebra
MATH 4310: Numerical Linear Algebra
MATH 4900: Advanced Calculus II
Basic Programming Course
Select one of the following two courses:
 CMP_SC 1040: Introduction to Problem Solving and Programming
 CMP_SC 1050: Algorithm Design and Programming I
4000 Level Math Electives
Choose four courses from the following list:
MATH 4001: Topics
MATH 4150: History of Mathematics
MATH 4300: Numerical Analysis
MATH 4310: Numerical Linear Algebra
MATH 4315 (STAT 4710): Introduction to
Mathematical Statistics
MATH 4320 (STAT 4750): Introduction to
Probability Theory
MATH 4330: Theory of Numbers
MATH 4335: College Geometry
MATH 4345: Foundations of Geometry
MATH 4350: Introduction to NonEuclidean Geometry
MATH 4355: Investment Science I
MATH 4360: Actuarial Mathematics
MATH 4400: Introduction to Topology
MATH 4500: Applied Analysis
MATH 4520 (STAT 4760): Statistical
MATH 4540: Mathematical Modeling I
MATH 4560: Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaos
and Fractals
MATH 4580: Mathematical Modeling II
MATH 4590: Investment Science II
MATH 4800: Advanced Calculus of One
Real Variable II
MATH 4900: Advanced Multivariable
MATH 4920: Introduction to Abstract Linear
MATH 4940: Introduction to Complex
MATH 4960: Special Readings
MATH 4996: Honors in Mathematics
Related Field Courses
A minimum of 10 hours
from the following 2 groups
(both groups must be represented).
Group 1
 BIO_SC 1500: General Biology
 CHEM 1310: General Chemistry
 CHEM 1320: General Chemistry II
 CHEM 1330: General Chemistry III
 PHYSCS 2750: University Physics I
 PHYSCS 2760: University Physics II
Group 2
Any 4000 level courses in
Statistics and/or Computer Science
Note: Only one of the courses STAT 4710, 4750
and 4760 selected here can also count as a 4000level course in Math.
Arts & Science
Foundation Requirements
Basic Skills
 MATH 1100 or transferable equivalent with grade of C- or higher (automatic
in any Math degree).
 ENGL 1000 or transferable equivalent with grade of C- or higher.
 One Math Reasoning Proficiency course with grade of C- or higher
(automatic in any Math degree).
 One course in American government or history (may apply toward the
social science requirement).
Foreign Language or Alternative
No language requirement for non-native English speaker.
Chinese I, II, III
Japanese I, II
French I, II, III
Korean I, II, III
German I, II, III
Latin I, II, III
Greek I, II, III
Portuguese I, II
Hebrew I, II, III
Russian I, II
Italian I, II
Spanish I, II, III
 Four years of a foreign language in high school or
 One of the above language sequence or
 12 hours of approved courses from one area outside of
mathematics in the 2000, or above, level.
Depth of Study
6 credit hours of approved courses numbered 2000, or above,
must be taken in two of the three following areas:
Behavioral Sciences; Social Sciences; Humanities and Fine Arts.
These courses may also be used to satisfy Breadth of Study requirements.
Breadth of Study
Behavioral and
Social Sciences
Humanities and
Fine Arts
Select at least 9 hours and must include coursework
from both the behavioral and social sciences.
Select at least 9 hours and must include coursework
from at least two different areas.
Biological, Physical and
Mathematical Sciences
See Related Field Courses for Department of Mathematics Requirements.
Writing Intensive Requirement
 Students are required to
complete at least two writing
intensive courses in residence,
with one in their major. In
Mathematics, Math 3000 is a
required writing intensive course.
 The other writing intensive course
may be taken in any department
(including mathematics).
MU General Education Courses
A current list is available at MU's General Education website.
Please see the “Distribution of Content” lists at the link.
Graduation Plan: Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
and Economics
Current form is available here.
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