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1st Indian Management Conclave Awards for the Best B-School Initiative in India
Theme 2: Improving Core Product- Revisiting Program Architecture
Global Mindset, Indian Roots
Leadership Experiential Project
(A Signature Enterprise of Great Lakes Institute of Management,
Presented by:
Archanaa R.
“Global Mindset, Indian Roots”
Objective- To create Futuristic Business Leaders with a special
emphasis on team work, inclusivity-principles, value-based
• The Need- Opportunities to “Learn by doing” need to be offered in
order that Management Education prepares the student holistically
to face the complexities of the business and by extension, the world
• Methodology- A continuous learning-engagement designed within
the curriculum that:
a. Offers a “laboratory” setting in the students’ present locality
b. Allows for freedom of students to test their skills, knowledge, beliefs
and value-systems
c. Allows for the students to interact with diverse stake-holders and
generate new narratives that may redefine business as they graduate
and take on their respective professions
Learning to swim
“Karma-Yoga is the attaining through selfless work of that freedom which is
the goal of all human nature”
-Swami Vivekananda
Motto- To enhance the self-esteem & the self-efficacy
of people
Guiding principle- "That people can be lifted into their
better selves is the secret of transforming-leadership"
(Burns, 1978, "Leadership," p. 462)
Opportunities for intervention
Field Visits
Momentous Occasions
Thematic Areas
• Agriculture
• Capacity-Building & Alternative
• Education
• Health
Key Linkages
Enthusiasts &
Students’ take-aways:“Life-changing experience”
“Able to see the Bigger-Picture”
“To see beyond the obvious”
“To address the real needs”
“Power of human relationships”
Feedback from the
• Positive response to interventions
• Constructive criticism- a sign of a
strong relationship
• Partnering in design and
implementation of interventions
• Think-tank
• Acceptance
“There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going
all the way, and not starting”
- Gautama Buddha
Thank you!