Trinity High School ICT Faculty

‘Numeracy is a proficiency which is developed not
just in mathematics but also in other subjects. It is
more than an ability to do basic arithmetic. It
involves developing confidence and competence
with numbers and measures. It requires
understanding of the number system, a repertoire
of mathematical techniques and an inclination and
ability to solve quantitative or spatial problems in a
range of contexts. Numeracy also demands
understanding of the ways in which data are
gathered by counting and measuring, and is
presented in graphs and diagrams, charts and
(Key Stage 3 National Strategy Framework for teaching mathematics)
Fostering cooperation and establish collaboration
across the school curriculum
Encouraging staff to work together to improve
students’ Numeracy skills
Improving reasoning and problem solving
Improving the use and application of numeracy
skills across the curriculum
Joining up the curriculum for students
Promote Mathematics positively
To improve accuracy in calculation and
To improve interpretation and presentation of
graphs, charts and diagrams
To improve reasoning and problem solving
All teachers will discourage students from writing down answers
only and encourage students to show their numerical working out
within the main body of their work.
It is recognised that there is never only one correct method and
students will be encouraged to develop their own correct methods
where appropriate rather than be taught 'set' ways. Numeracy
Leaders to help promote varying methods.
Wherever possible, students will be allowed and encouraged to
'vocalise' their maths - a necessary step towards full understanding
for many students.
All students should be helped to understand the methods they are
using or being taught - students gain more and are likely to
remember much more easily if they understand rather than are
merely repeating by rote.
We expect OFSTED inspectors to establish:
Whether there is a clear understanding and consistent
practise among staff in the development of pupils
mental skills, written methods and use of calculators.
If pupils can identify and use efficient strategies for
the calculations they need to do.
If pupils cope well with the mathematical demands
made in different subjects, or are held back through
lack of mathematical knowledge or poor skills in
How well numeracy and, where appropriate, other
mathematical skills are taught, developed, practised
or promoted in other subjects.
1) Promoting Positive Mathematics
2) Policy and Support
Numeracy Policy
Numeracy Support working document
3) Numeracy Leaders
Whenever numeracy arises in your subject
area, highlight and develop this in your
classroom discussions (no matter how
Year 10 into 11 - Use a Numeracy Leader to
help check work and support other pupils
Numeracy Leaders to initially support with:
Methods of +,-,×,÷
Percentages, Decimals and Fractions.
Representing data in graphs and charts.
Highlighting and addressing common
◦ Using a scientific calculator correctly (class set
◦ Numeracy Audit to develop further support