The Cone Gatherers

The Cone Gatherers
Robin Jenkins
(Revision Notes)
Important themes
Good versus Evil (innocence and corruption)
In your pairs, jot down examples that you
could use to explore each of these themes.
Quotes might be useful as well!
to represent something abstract with something concrete or to
invest greater meaning in what something represents.
• What does the wood symbolise? Explain.
• Duror and Calum – symbols of what?
• Roderick could also be perceived as a symbol.
• Warship in opening chapter.
• Are there any other examples of symbolism that
spring to mind?
Key scenes
• The deer drive is VERY important. This is the
point of no return and where Duror’s madness
is exposed to every one. His plans to rid the
estate of Calum reach its head.
• The beach hut is another key scene. Here the
theme of social injustice is highlighted. Lady
Runcie Campbell disregards her Christian
conscience and casts the cone gatherers into
the storm. The weather itself foreshadows the
‘storm’ brewing on the estate. The doll Calum
finds in the hut symbolises his innocence and
also reminds us of Duror’s accusations.
• Are there any other scenes that are really
important to the outcome?
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