Dr. Prabhjot Sodhi - Building Partnership For Sustainable CSR

Why do we partner?
Complex world - no one part of society can achieve
sustainability alone
Innovation is required to find ways for humans to
live without destroying the earth resources that
sustains us
working with others can provide greater innovation,
impact, resource efficiency, scale, reform and
Sustainability is everybody’s concern regardless
of where they happen to work
What is responsible business
•Gets lots of public support for its products, actions
and business.
•Increases CO’s brand recognition.
•Increases Foundation’s presence and importance
•Stability and market presence, helps gaining
•Good image with investors, local and national
•Greater focus and acceptance on non-financial
•People see it as a well managed & well governed
Foundation and a Company.
Different stakeholders see the world differently…
Building on diverse perspectives leads to a more accurate
overview of the issue and therefore a more appropriate solution
What is a partnership?
A multi-stakeholder or cross-sector partnership for Biodiversity can be
defined as:
• An on-going relationship between organisations from different
parts of society (public, business, academic and civil society etc.)
• Who jointly commit and mobilise resources and competencies
• To expand and enhance agreed biodiversity education and
conservation objectives
• Whilst each achieving their own individual objectives
• And sharing both risk and reward.
What does Partnering entail?
• Transactional vs. Partnering way of working
– No established chain of command (line management/client)
– No established operational processes & structures
– Consensus, engagement, motivation, contribution,
communication, co-design, commitment, accountability
• Partnering mind-set and skillset
– Resource combining and mobilisation
– Collaborative design of operations and delivery
– Relationship and project management (Art and Science)
– Achievement of collective and individual goals
– Motivation and momentum
• Partnering Cycle management
Partnering Cycle
Power imbalances...
Core principle:
Hidden agendas...
Core principle:
Partners ‘winning’ at the expense of others...
Core principle:
Mutual benefit
Partnership is a