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Our Masters Programme with
University of Derby
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Teacher English
A Masters Level Profession
• “The evidence from around the world shows us that the
most important factor in determining the effectiveness of a
school system is the quality of its teachers. The best
education systems draw their teachers from the most
academically able, and select them carefully to ensure that
they are taking only those people who combine the right
personal and intellectual qualities.”
• “These systems train their teachers rigorously at the outset,
focusing particularly on the practical teaching skills they
will need. At each stage of their career, and especially as
they move into leadership positions, teachers in the highest
performing systems receive further focused training and
A Masters Level Profession
• In response to Government's statements about
raising the quality and status of teaching. We feel
strongly that making teaching a master's level
profession would help to achieve this goal.
• We know from research that master's level study
is important not only for raising the status and
professionalism of teaching but also in helping
people to become better teachers.
Derby Pride Trust
Who are our Partners?
Moral Purpose
UoD as Trust Partners
Working together on a clear set of priorities
could sustain waves of reform in our schools,
leading from incremental innovations to our
existing practice but eventually leading to
more radical solutions that combine better
learning and public services with more
capacity for self-organising solutions.
Personal benefits!!!
• Studying at Masters level and being a Principal
is demanding and not for the faint hearted!
• Helped rationalise and develop my thinking
about strategic direction
• Broadened my learning around key areas of
my post and education in the UK (especially
• I have enjoyed being a ‘study buddy’ with
some of my staff
What did I focus on?
• Distributed Leadership within Secondary Schools
– ensuring school improvement, sustainability
and successful leadership in times of challenge
and change. An analysis of my wider
professional practice as Principal within a
developing Trust provision.
• An investigation in to the impact of the
formation of Trusts around state schools on the
strategic development and leadership challenges
of these schools.
What did I focus on?
• Do test-based accountability models improve
standards in educational outcomes? Should
high stakes, standards based reforms be the
best mechanism for securing school
• Developing Cognitive Learning approaches
within a Science faculty to improve learning
and teaching outcomes.
What have staff told us they have got
out of this level of study?
• It has been intellectually rewarding – I have
learned I am a capable academic
• I have enjoyed sharing ideas with other people . .
. and taking what I have learned to use myself
• I have proved to myself that what I thought was
good for my students is!!!
• I have got a lot out of the group sessions –
different opinions and theories get you
questioning how and why you do things
What have staff told us they have got
out of this level of study?
• It has helped me expand my CV towards
• I wanted to do a master's and I felt most
comfortable doing through school – it has been
helpful that the university have come out to work
with us here. I am not sure I would have had the
confidence to go back to university
• I thought ‘why have I started this?’, but it will be
wonderful to have the qualification in the end!!
What has the school got out of it?
• Staff who feel valued – it does cost!
• Staff who are excited about the topics they are
• Improvement in practice and therefore
outcomes for students
• Opportunities for staff to share their learning
– directly and via their shared ‘ published’
• Recognition for staff
What has the school got out of it?
• An opening up of wider discussion and development
with other partners – such as other
headteachers/teachers within our Trust
• Noted towards IiP accreditation
• Part of our succession planning
• Built a closer working relationship with the University
which is leading to further consultancy:
– Maximising leadership potential with the senior team
– Improving low level behaviour management strategies and
staff competence ranges
– Supporting research – such as the impact of activities to
support Pupil Premium student outcomes
Supporting Changes in School Organisation and
Students’ identities and destinies are fluid
Intelligence is multiple, plastic and learnable
Education is lifelong
ICT removes space and time barriers to knowledge
Education services are designed to personalise learning
Schools have distinctive ethos
Schools diversify horizontally
Public/private distinction is blurred
The school of the future evolves adaptively
Education is unconstrained by time and place
Workforce has a complex structure
Schools and teachers are embedded in networks
Student voice is strong
Education aims are many, complex and contested
Change is a risky opportunity
Education is user-led: the focus is on learning
Leadership is unlimited and distributed
Learning is the acquisition of essential competencies
Curriculum is framed around themes
Learning includes explicit learning how to learn
Competencies are acquired through extended projects
Assessment get progressively broader