Powerpoint - Ventura County SELPA

Reclassification of English Learners
Special Education Students
Presented by
Barbara M Ladny
Kari Taketa
5 Steps of Reclassification
District CELDT Coordinator compiles lists of
students who have not met reclassification
criteria.(sorted by school site)
IEP team meets to discuss. EL facilitator should
be present.
IEP team completes “Worksheet” at the
If the team agrees to reclassify, follow district
procedures for completing the Reclassification
If it is determined that student will be
reclassified, case manager and parent are
notified and subsequent IEPs reflect “RFEP”
(Reclassified Fluent English Proficient).
For reclassification:
 English overall proficiency must be in early
advanced or higher on either CELDT or
 Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing must
be intermediate or higher.
If not, the IEP Team can utilize the Worksheet
for IEP Team Recommendation for
Reclassification of Special Education English
Learners to Fluent English Proficient.
 Case manager should have the following student
data available in order to fill out worksheet:
 Basic data
 Language Proficiency Assessments
 Teacher evaluation of academic performance.
 State testing scores
Basic Data
 Grade first entered school
 Years in the United States
 Current Program Model (Structured English
Immersion, English Language Mainstream,
Alternative Educational Program- also
indicated on the ELD page)
Basic Data
1. English Language Proficiency
(current and previous year)
 Assessment name- may be CELDT or
 Year taken
 Scores
If minimum criteria has been met, check “yes”
and proceed to Section 2.
If Student Does not Meet Language
Proficiency Level Criteria
• Team can review/consider other data if
in upper end of intermediate
• Consider the impact of the disability on
the scores
If either of these apply, check “yes”, and
proceed to Section 2, if “no”, stop the
English Language Proficiency Assessments
2. Teacher’s Evaluation of Academic
 Note basis of evaluation
 If student met performance indicators, check
“yes” and proceed to Section 3
 If student has not met the performance indicators,
team needs to consider if deficit is due to
disability- if so, check “yes and Proceed to
Section 3. If “no” stop the process.
Teacher’s Evaluation of Student Academic
3. Comparison of Performance
 Indicate which state assessment was taken
 Note reading scores
 Score must be in basic to mid basic range to
have it considered as meeting cut point- if so,
check “yes” and proceed to Section 4.
 If minimum RLA score is not reached,
consider the three questions. If any apply,
check “yes” and proceed to Section 4.
Comparison of Performance
4. Parent Input and Summary
 Check
parent participation
 Document parent comments, if any
Parent Opinion and Consultation
Summary Statement
 If the team agrees the student should be reclassified, check
 If no or not sure, check “no” and reconsider at a later time
 Check with your district regarding how the Reclassification
form is used. Find out who the form goes to next, and who
is authorized to be the “ELD Representative” to give input on
the discussion.