2013 Winners OKHS Engineering Design Showcase Multi

Oklahoma HS Engineering Design Showcase
OK Department of CareerTech
STEM Division
Metro Technology Center, Springlake Campus
1900 Springlake Drive, Oklahoma City
2013 Summer Conference
Jason Rausch - PLTW
August 2, 2013
First Ever Statewide EDD Event in OK
June 3rd, 2013
Moore Norman Technology Center
(2013) OKHS Engineering Design Showcase
• Six teams from across Oklahoma
qualified through on line registration and
portfolio entry.
• Each team presented 5-8 minute
summary of design process to a panel of
• After presentations, students show
prototypes and displays in a tradeshow Q
and A format for 30 minutes.
2013 Winners
OKHS Engineering Design Showcase
• One team selected to receive $1000 cash
scholarship from the Oklahoma
Engineering Foundation.
Multi-size Screwdriver
Nicholas Shirley, Blythe Lockart, Alex Chitwood, and Kyle Kim
Tulsa Technology Center
(2014) OKHS Engineering Design Showcase
Registration Process
• Opportunity is currently posted to the Innovation Portal
• Send Registration to: [email protected]
• Scott Makintubee - Planning Chairperson / EDD MT
Format of Showcase / Requirements
• 5-8 minute Summary Presentation (Top 6)
• 3 Panel Display (All)
• Testable Prototype (All)
• Engineering Notebook (All)
(2014) OKHS Engineering Design Showcase
• Students will register and create project portfolios online.
(Innovation Portal)
• Students will submit registration with teacher approval.
(Registration will tentatively close March 1st 2014)
• Students will submit EDD projects for consideration.
(Tentatively May 1st 2014)
• All qualifying teams will be invited to statewide event
(date TBD).The top six teams will present on stage for final
award consideration. All teams will participate in tradeshow
format presentations.
(3 panel display, prototype, engineer’s notebook)
How Do I Help Students Prepare?
• What will students actually be evaluated on? Is there a
• What is the Innovation Portal? Why use it for submission?
• Why and how should I use the Innovation Portal in my class
• New tools for your EDD classroom.
An Engineering Design Process
• The award goes to the team that best presents an authentic
and well documented design process.
(not necessarily which prototype actually worked…)
• EDD is about process, not only the solution.
A well done EDD project should show evidence of:
Project Management Skills
Prototyping and Testing
Reflection and Stakeholder Feedback
Professional Skills and Communication Skills
An Engineering Design Process
An Engineering Design Process
The “Grand Pitfalls” of EDD:
• No Research - It has clearly been done before, you just
never bothered to find out or worse, chose not to disclose.)
• One Design - Never exploring options other than the first
thing you thought of. No diversity.
• Craftsmanship - It does matter. Seek expert help if you are
not a master craftsman. They can teach you.
• Poor Testing - A good project will have qualitative testing.
Testimonials are not testing.
• Reflection and Stakeholder Feedback – Is there any? Are
your experts really experts?
• Professional Skills and Communication Skills
The Engineering Design Process Portfolio Scoring Rubric.
• Used for online qualification scoring.
• A simplified one page rubric will be used at competition to
determine the winner based on the EDPPSR
Why Should I be using the EDPPSR in my EDD Classroom?
• Common Language for Engineering Design.
• Developed by Post-Secondary and Industry.
• “AP Engineering May Be on the Horizon”
By Erik Robelen on March 29, 2013 2:15 PM
• Completing 3rd year of 3 year validation study (NSF)
• New alignment of PLTW EDD curriculum resources to match
the language and structure of the assessment rubric.
The EDPPSR and PLTW EDD Curriculum
Always work with the end in sight…
Instructional resources on the LMS
now match the assessment tool.
PLTW EDD Curriculum
Is this 2013 EDD Curriculum really new? Yes and No.
• Understanding by Design Frameworks
• Standards and Objectives Alignment Tool
• Next Generation Science Standards
• Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (HS)
• Common Core State Standards for English Language
• The PLTW Learning Management System
• The Engineering Design Process Portfolio Scoring Rubric
• The Innovation Portal
Understanding by Design Frameworks
Available soon
Standards and Objectives Alignment Tool
Available now
The PLTW Learning Management System
Available now
The Innovation Portal
What is the Innovation Portal?
• The only way to score this volume of projects is through an
online delivery system.
• Has EDPPSR scoring system built in.
• Completing 3rd year of Beta.
• New development support in 2013-2014 from…
(announcement soon)
• Tour of the Innovation Portal
• Opportunities
• Dashboard
• Scoring Tool
Best Practices in EDD
• Introduce students to the EDPPSR early on. It creates a
common language and a target for student to shoot for.
• Help your students develop a meaningful project name that is
engineering or scientific in nature.
• This is not an “invention” or “marketing course”. No silly
• It is okay for the project name to “evolve”.
• Don’t label projects “My EDD Project”.
• Introduce student to the Innovation Portal early on and make
sure the students provide enough context for the reviewer.
Does the judge have enough information to score the page?
• Don’t attach a ppt.
• Don’t create a page with nothing but links.
• 3-5 paragraphs.
(2014) OKHS Engineering Design Showcase
Call for Support
• Sign up students and submit! You classroom will be
supporting research and opportunities that will have
a dramatic impact on high school education over
the next few years.
• Event Planning – Scott Makintubee
• Communication
• Dates
• Judges
• Growing prize/scholarship opportunities
• Inviting stakeholders in engineering
(2014) OKHS Engineering Design Showcase
Thank you!
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