What Are You Driving? (PowerPoint)

What Are You Driving?
Pre-Collegiate Fall ReNEWal Conference
October 24 – 26, 2012
DRiVE by Daniel Pink
“Human beings, Deci said, have an
inherent tendency to seek out
novelty and challenges, to extend
and exercise their capacities, to
explore, and to learn.” – page 8
Type X or Type I?
Type X
-driven by extrinsic
Type I
-driven by intrinsic
-inherent satisfaction of
the activity
-”made” behavior, not
-usually outperform
Type X
-promote greater
physical and mental
www. danpink.com/drive/html
“Nutrients” for Type I
 “…autonomous motivation promotes
greater conceptual understanding, better
grades, enhanced persistence at school
and in sporting activities, higher
productivity, less burnout, and greater
levels of psychological well-being.” –
pages 90 – 91
 “…Type I behavior emerges when people
have autonomy over the four T’s: their
task, their time, their technique, and their
team.” – page 94
 What aspect of autonomy is most
important to you?
 “Only engagement can produce mastery.”
– page 111
 “…flow, the deep sense of engagement…
It’s a necessity. We need it to survive. It
is the oxygen of the soul.” – page 129
 “If people are conscious of what puts
them in flow, they’ll have a clearer idea of
what they should devote the time and
dedication to master.” – page 125
 Poem – page 109
 Is there anything you’ve ever wanted to
master that you’ve avoided?
 “Purpose provides activation energy for
living,” psychologist Mihaly
Csikszentmihalyi told me in an interview.”
– page 134
 “We see the first stirrings of this new
purpose motive in three realms of
organizational life – goals, words, and
policies.” – page 135
 Portion of the MBA Oath – page 138
 Is education today too Type X – that is,
does it put too great an emphasis on
extrinsic rewards?
 Is there an elegant way to reconcile
intrinsic motivation and accountability?
“Type I for Individuals:
Nine Strategies for Awakening
Your Motivation”
– pages 153 - 161
Give yourself a “Flow Test.”
Listen and Reflect
“On the Other Side of the Door” by
Jeff Moss
“The Journey” by Mary Oliver
“Breathe Deep” performed by Guy
“Four tips for Getting
(and Staying) Motivated’
– pages 201 - 202
 Set your own goals.
 Ditch the treadmill.
 Keep mastery in mind.
 Reward yourself the right way.
“When to Use Rewards:
A Simple Flowchart” – page 69
Applications for the Classroom –
pages 175 – 179
Homework Test
Have a FedEx Day
Try DIY Report Cards
Don’t combine an Allowance and
Offer Praise… The Right Way
Help Kids See the Big Picture