The Doctorate Extension Scheme

The Doctorate Extension
Graduate School presentation: 26
November 2013
The Doctorate Extension Scheme:
What is it?
• A new (2013) scheme allowing Tier 4 PhD
students to apply to stay on in the UK on a
Tier 4 visa for 12 months after they complete
their course.
• This is to gain work experience or set up as
an entrepreneur.
• There are an unlimited number of places.
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Am I eligible to apply?
• You must have a current Tier 4 visa to study a PhD.
• You must apply from within the UK.
• No debts can be owed to the University
• You can only apply up to 60 days before your course end
• This means you should apply only after you have had your
viva, and know how long your corrections will take.
• The ‘course end’ date is the Research Degrees Committee
sign-off date of your confirmed final results.
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Frequently asked questions
• Am I still eligible if my PhD is referred, or I’m only awarded a
Master’s? No: corrections will take more than 60 days, and you
must have a PhD, not a Master’s level qualification.
• Will my year in the UK be funded? No
• Can my family stay with me on my extra year? Yes (if they satisfy
• Can I exit the UK and return during the DES year? Yes
• Can I apply for a second year on the scheme? No
• Do I have to stay in touch with the University? Yes, at least four
times during the year, but this can be done by email.
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When can I apply?
This is the complicated bit...
• After your viva, and when you can calculate your ‘completion
• You need to allow time to
a) complete your corrections
b) have your corrections approved by the internal examiner
c) Have the final result signed off by the Deputy Chair of the
Research Degrees Committee
d) Apply for a new CAS
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If I get ‘Pass with Amendments’ (six months to
complete), can I apply for the Scheme?
• Yes, but it would need to be when you were three quarters of
the way through your amendments, and within 60 days from
completion eg: viva on 15 January; you are given until 15
July to make corrections; you could apply for the Doctorate
Extension Scheme from about late June.
• Bear in mind your internal examiner will need longer to
check these amendments: eg. they might have to read a
rewritten chapter, and not just check typing errors. They
might also be away for a while over the summer....
• It’s not advisable to try to do 6 months’ corrections in 6
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How do I apply?
• On the formal Application Form: see
• You will also need to arrange an interview with Careers and the
Immigration Advisors.
• You will need to apply for a new Confirmation of Acceptance for
Studies (CAS) on a specific form. If you’re a Science student you
may need to renew your ATAS certificate before you can apply for
a CAS.
• We would advise you to discuss your application with your
supervisor and/or Internal Examiner and the Graduate School.
Doctorate Extension Scheme | 26 November 2013 | 2
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