Class of 2016 Parent Night

Class of 2018
Fall Parent Night
 Graduation Requirements
 Diploma Designations
 Credits for Status Change
 Credit Recovery
 Testing
 EOC Resources
 Student Athletes
 Bright Futures
 Community Service
Graduation Requirements for cohort 2014-2015
4 Credits of English
4 Credits of Math (one must be Algebra I and one must be Geometry)
Algebra I EOC (Level 3 score required or a comparative score on the PERT)
Geometry EOC (30% of final grade)
Industry certifications that lead to college credit may substitute for up to two math credits (except Algebra 1 and
3 Credits of Science (one must be Biology 1)
Biology I EOC (30% of final grade)
Two must be equally rigorous science courses
Two must have a lab component
Industry certification that leads to college credit may substitute for up to one science credit (except Biology 1)
3 credits of Social Science
1 Credit in World History
1 Credit in American History (EOC is 30% of final grade)
½ Credit in American Government
½ Credit in Economics with Financial Literacy
1 Credit of Fine/Practical/Performing Arts
1 ½ Credits of P.E. including Personal Fitness
7 ½ Elective Credits for Standard Diploma and 9 ½ Elective Credits for Scholar or Merit
1 online course
Course through Virtual School or Compass
Diploma Designations
 Scholar
 Merit
Scholar Diploma Designation
In addition to meeting the 24 credit-standard high school
diploma requirements, a student must
Pass the ELA Grade 11 statewide assessment;
Earn 1 credit in Algebra II (must pass EOC);
Pass the Geometry EOC;
Earn 1 credit in Statistics or an equally rigorous mathematics course;
Pass the Biology I EOC;
Earn 1 credit in Chemistry or Physics;
Earn 1 credit in a course equally rigorous to Chemistry or Physics;
Pass the U.S. History EOC;
Earn 2 credits in the same World Language; and
Earn at least 1 credit in AP, IB, AICE or a dual enrollment course.
A student is exempt from the Biology I or U.S. History assessment if the student is
enrolled in an AP, IB or AICE Biology I or U.S. History course and the student
Takes the respective AP, IB or AICE assessment; and
Earns the minimum score to earn college credit.
Merit Diploma Designation
 Meet the standard high school diploma
 Attain one or more industry certifications from
the list established (per s. 1003.492, F.S.)
Credits for Status Change
Sophomore (10th grade)= 5
Junior (11th grade)= 11 credits
Senior (12th grade)= 17 credits
Credit Recovery
You can take courses for credit recovery
online through Escambia Virtual Academy
You can take courses for credit recovery
through community school.
You can also take a course on Compass
Odyssey Learning at school in our learning
Students must pass the following statewide assessments:
 Grade 10 ELA (or ACT/SAT concordant score)
Algebra 1 end-of course (EOC) or a comparative score on the Postsecondary
Education Readiness Test (P.E.R.T)
Students must participate in the EOC assessments and the results constitute 30
percent of the final course grade. These assessments are in the following
Algebra I
Biology I
U.S. History
Algebra II (if enrolled)
EOC Resources
Students need to access practice questions and additional
resources for the upcoming EOCs. The EOC exams count
for 30% of the final grade and the Algebra EOC is the
math graduation testing requirement.
Algebra EOC review:
Geometry EOC review:
Biology EOC review:
U.S. History review:
Student Athletes
 Students who plan to play Division I/II college
sports need to register with the NCAA
Eligibility Center
 Tate School Code is 100-560
 ACT and SAT test scores must be sent directly
to Eligibility Center. (code = 9999)
 Please register early so we can keep track of
the classes you would need to register for
during Junior and Senior year.
Bright Futures Scholarship Program
 Create student account at
 Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program Info
Community Service Requirements
100 hours Academic Scholarship
75 hours Medallion Scholarship
30 hours Gold Seal Vocational Scholarship
Complete service requirement before
 Forms to document service and list of organizations
available on Guidance website and in the Guidance
 Service must be for nonprofit organizations.
 Contact Mrs. Spears before completing hours to verify
that service is eligible.
 Turn in completed community service forms to
Mrs. Spears or Mrs. Reeder in the Guidance
 It is vital that you keep up with your student’s
academic progress to ensure that they don’t fall
behind. Please contact Ms. Reeder in the guidance
office at 937-2300 ext 229 to set up parent/teacher
conferences if you have any questions or concerns
about your student’s grades. If you don’t have an
account, follow the link below to create a parent
portal account:
 If you already have an account from last year,
please follow the link below:
Useful Websites
Thank you for all that you do!
If you have any questions,
please contact me!
Tanika Spears
937-2300 ext 231