Years 12/13 Parent Information Presentation


Welcome to

Cornwallis Academy

September 2013 – July 2014

The Government’s agenda

• “Improve standards”

• “Exams are Dumbed down”

• “Many vocational courses mean nothing”

• “Fewer students should pass exams”

• “Fewer people should go to university”

Driving test


• Fewer students passing exams

• Fewer students going to university

• Less breadth of study

What have we achieved in 2012-13?

• Our best ever set of results at both GCSE and A level

• The best results of any non-selective in the area.

• A good Ofsted result, with a mandate to get to outstanding quickly

• A vision that is both unique and interesting

• Proven Plaza pedagogy

“A Cohesive learning community”

“The Plaza environments are used well as flexible teaching spaces”

“Behaviour is good throughout the school”

“The students have positive attitudes towards their learning and show a high degree of responsibility”

“Teaching is consistently good in all subjects”

Universities this year included:

• Exeter

• Nottingham

• Surrey

• Winchester

• Oxford Brookes

• Bath

In all almost 60% of our students went to

University to study everything from Law to Bio medicine.

Some University Courses studied this year:



Diagnostic radiography

Accounting and Finance

Biomedical Sciences

Ancient, Classical and Medieval Studies

Media, Culture and Society




Applied Criminology and Psychology

Law with Business


Teaching & Educational Studies


2013 results


• 58% gained 5 A-C grades including English and

Maths ( +3 )

A Level

• 98% A-E ( +1 )

• 72% A-C ( +8 )

• 33% of grades were A or A *( +13 )

• 42% of grades were B+( +12 )

Best performing non-selective school in Maidstone!

New Look Reports

• Termly feedback

• Inclusion of new indicator – ‘Attitude to Learning’

• Continue to show attendance, self-management points and achievement points compared to the year group average

• Combination of interim and full reports

• Interim – Attitude to learning in all subjects

• Full – Current grade and attitude to learning

• Full report timings linked into Academic Review


• Grades will be traffic light coloured coded to show whether pupils are making the expected progress and are on track to meet their target

Jon Spurling





Wellbeing Structure

David Simons


Wellbeing Directors

KS3 Annie Fowler



Thomas Stanley

Joseph Sutton

Claire Thompson

Vice Principal

Chloe Cox





Olivia Lichfield




Dean Fox



Wellbeing Leads

Year 7 Amy Parker

Year 8 Annie Fowler

Year 9 Helen Conway/ Holly


Year 10 Thomas Stanley

6 th Form Lisa Bodle


Year 7 Cheryl Irvine

Year 8 Joscelin Yates

Year 9 Sue Judd

Year 10 Sue Lambert

Year 11 Maxine Saul

Yr 12/13 Jo Woollett

Form Tutors

12/13 6 th FORM

6MM Medhat Michel(Maths Target Group)

6SM Sarah Meredith (English Target group)

6CJ Christopher Jones

6NMA Nathalie Manser

6SMI Sarah Miles

6DG Debbie Glover

6HM Hollie Martin

6PJP Phil Pennington/Jodie Monk

6AED Alex Edwards

6AB Angela Broome

6SC Sue Cooper

What We Expect From A Cornwallis

Academy Student

• 95% Attendance

• 100% application at all times

• Appropriate office wear

• Be ready to learn with the correct equipment

• To be respectful to staff and peers at all times

Academic Mentoring

Wellbeing – three times a week

Mentoring once a week - compulsory

Parental help & resources

• Online resources:



GCSE, A Level & BTEC


Level & BTEC

• Online and paper-based study guides – as recommended departmentally

• Termly progress reports


• For those Year 12/13 students with exceptional attainment and/or attendance, on a termly basis we offer:

• Attainment awards

• Attendance awards

Dates for Diary

• Sixth Form Open Evening –

Wednesday 27th November

• Sixth Form ARD – Wednesday

15th January 2014

What Skills for Life offer to Year 12 and 13s:

Careers trips: Skills London, Kent Careers; HE Convention, University trips

Careers Guidance interviews

Information, Advice & Guidance Sessions on a variety of topics such as Job

Searching, CV writing, Interview Skills, Applying to University

Careers talks

UCAS application support

Focus day activities- including Employability day, Opportunities for mock interviews with employers, Discover Risk and University preparation workshops

Skills Challenge for Year 12: 30 th June – 15 th July 2014

Work experience

Careers library and IT packages for careers exploration and research

Skills for Life measures of success:

Summer 2012:

NEET for year 12 & 13 was 1.8% (only 3 out of 167 students did not continue in education, go to university, enter college or employment with training)

Summer 2013:

58 students (64% are currently starting university/HE)

Some notable achievements are;

• 1 at Nottingham, 1 at Exeter (both Russell group universities)

• 1 at Surrey to do Law

• 1 at St Georges in London to do Biomedical sciences.