World Travel Agency Employee Discount for ALL RTI employees

Take a Vacation
Vacation is important for your health! Book now with World Travel!
Knowledgeable agents who have traveled all over the world
Access to deals and promotions you won’t hear about on your own
Expert consultation for booking the right flights, cruises, hotel, and more
Assistance when you need it, with a real live human being
Help to organize your group travel or destination wedding
World Travel, Inc. Vacations, call: 1.800.451.5449
Email: [email protected]
World Travel, Inc. Cruises, call: 1.800.874.6700 x6703
Email: [email protected]
RTI extends their corporate car rental rates for personal travel. When
booking your reservation be sure to advise either Avis or Hertz of
your corporate numbers. Remember to either accept insurance or
provide proof of insurance on your personal reservations:
Avis – CD B707100
Hertz – CD 1909420
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