Pharmaceutical Advice TVPHSS
Jo Linton
Philippa Walters
Clinical Public Health Leadership
• Maintain Pharmaceutical Needs Assessments* (PNA’s) for
each local authority and undertake complete review by
*Statutory responsibility of Health and Well Being Board
• Establish systems and processes to provide leadership and
pharmaceutical advice on the safe and effective use of
medicines and pharmaceutical services in clinical public
health programmes.
Public Health Intelligence/5 Local Authority PH teams/5 HWB
Boards/5 Local Authority Communications Teams/ TVPHSS
Clinical Advisers/ Contract Management TVPHSS/ Nursing
Team TVPHSS/ Healthy Living Pharmacies Project Manager/
Business Support.
Public Health Commissioning and
• Provide pharmaceutical advice and leadership on
medicines, prescribing and community pharmacy
services into commissioning, contract management
and service improvements for PH commissioned
services including; Substance Misuse/Harm
Minimisation, Smoking Cessation, School Nursing,
Healthy Start, Healthy Living Pharmacies.
• Establish systems and processes for management and
access of health care providers commissioned by public
health to FP10 prescriptions and prescribing data ( 12
• Drug Misuse/ Alcohol – Procurement / Mobilisation
programmes ; 4 local authorities 13/14
• Smoking Cessation – 4 areas.
• Healthy Start Vitamins – 4 areas.
• All community pharmacies services specification to be
reviewed and converted public health contract March 2014
Public Health Intelligence/5 Local Authority PH teams/
TVPHSS Clinical Advisers/ Contract Management TVPHS/
Healthy Living Pharmacies Project Manager/ Business
Support/ NHS BSA/LA Finance Leads / CCGs/Health care
How is it going?
• Common purpose
• Nice place to be!
• Getting asked to be involved
in local issues
Could be better
• More structured approach
to understanding team
workload / priorities
• Tendency to be head down
focussed on own issues
• Improved communication
broader public health
agenda and local decisions
that impact on us.