Developing Formative Assessment Plans

Formative Assessment
Carmella Fair
NC FALCON COORDINATOR, Learning Systems Division
North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
June 14 – 15, 2012
FA Plan Development
June 14 – 15
June 15 – 25
June 25 (Deadline)
June 26 – July 10
July 10 – August 1
August 1 (Deadline)
August 6 – 10
August 13 – 17
Webinars with DPI consultants to discuss new standards &
writing FA plans.
Teachers write FA plans.
Teachers upload complete FA plans for review no later
than June 25.
DPI consultants review FA plans and provide feedback to
Teachers adjust FA plans based on feedback from DPI
Teachers upload edited FA plans for review no later
than August 1.
Content consultants review FA plans and provide approval
for plans that meet established criteria.
Completed, accepted plans posted for availability to NC
Definition of Formative
Formative assessment is a process used
by teachers and students during instruction
that provides feedback to adjust ongoing
teaching and learning to improve intended
instructional outcomes (CCSSO FAST
SCASS, 2006).
Balanced Assessment System
Purpose and Expectations
• Develop Formative Assessment (FA) Plans
– new NC Standard Course of Study (SCS) Standards or
– Career and Technical Education (CTE) Standards
• Write plans around NC FALCON principles
– FA Plan Template
• Include supporting documents and files
– activities, descriptions of experiences, strategies, etc.
Purpose and Expectations (cont’d)
• Participate in a peer review process with
other teachers in this project
• Upload plans for review by content
– feedback
– adjust plans as needed
– upload edited plans for review
• Post completed and accepted plans
FA Plan
Review Process
The review process is
a two part process
Once the content
consultant has
reviewed your plan
you can have
another peer review
after adjusting the
plan or
submit it for review
by the consultant
plan using
FA Plan
from peer
• NC FALCON Principles
• Sample list of strategies
• Supporting Documents
– Formatting
– Copyright
• General criteria for review
• Content specific criteria for review
• Criteria for stipends
Formative Assessment Model
Formative Assessment Plan
Grade/ Subject:
Big Idea/Objective/Standard:
Learning Target
Criteria for Success
Collecting Evidence
1.What misconceptions do you think students might have?
2.What will you do to address the misconceptions to move learning forward (e.g., how will you adjust instruction, what descriptive feedback will you provide)?
Documenting Evidence
Strategies for Collecting and Documenting Evidence
of Student Learning
Mental Notes
Symbolic Indicators
Record any symbol, understood by you and your students, on your class roster that indicates where the
student is in reaching the learning target.
Giving special attention while listening to student discourse with intent to remember and provide
descriptive feedback.
A chart with names down the left side and the learning targets written across the top. As students reach
each target, check it off or record short phrases to indicate where each student is in the learning
Audio/Video Recordings
Live documented footage of what a student does and/or says which indicates where they are in
reaching the learning target. The advantage of this strategy is that growth can be documented at
different intervals.
Supporting Documents
• Submit documents that support the
implementation of the formative assessment
• All documents should be developed
– Word file
• Do not use copyrighted materials (including
documents, graphics, video, etc.)
General Criteria for Completed Plans
• Plan is completed electronically on the FA
plan template
• Plan includes the grade level, subject, big
• Plan is grade level appropriate (aligned with
grade level standards)
• Plan follows NC FALCON principles (all
columns are complete)
General Criteria for Completed Plans
• Misconceptions are identified and a plan to
address them is included
• Supporting documents for each part of the
lesson are provided (material, graphics, etc.
should not be copyrighted material)
Criteria for
Content consultants will
provide specific
information about the
criteria for the content of
your plans.
Wiki page for NC FALCON Project
for ALL K-12 Program Areas
Go to
which is . . .
Wiki page for NC FALCON Project 2012
– Teacher lists (Arts Education, English as a Second
Language, Healthful Living, World Languages)
– FA Plan Template
– PPT and link to recorded Webinar
– Additional resources
Arts Education Considerations
o FA Teacher List
o Discipline, Grade Span, Contact Information, and Standards Assignment
o Peer review within discipline and across arts
o necessary for Theatre Arts
o Please be especially cognizant of copyright
issues for the arts
WIDA Consortium
Arts Education Resources
• Arts Education Wiki
• NC Arts Education Essential Standards
for Dance, Music, Theatre Arts, and Visual Arts, K-12
• Arts Education Instructional Tools
– Unpacking
– I Can Statements by Grade Span
ELD Considerations
• Organized to appropriate English language learning progressions
o Appropriately sequenced language functions, vocabulary and grammar
o Appropriate measures for students’ current and next language proficiency
• Possible contexts for ELD instruction
o Formative assessment plans for ESL teachers
o Formative assessment plans for collaborative teacher in co-taught
o Formative assessment plans for content area teachers
WIDA Consortium
ELD Resources
• WIDA ELD Standards
• Can Do Statements
• Model Performance Indicators
• Features of Academic Language
– Discourse Complexity
– Language Forms and Conventions
– Vocabulary Usage
• Language for Achievement—Taxonomy: Academic English
Language Functions
• Common Core and Essential Standards
Healthful Living Considerations
o FA Teacher List
o Contact Information, Program Area and Standards Assignment
o Please be especially cognizant of copyright
issues for materials and resources
Healthful Living Resources
Healthful Living Wiki
NC Healthful Living Essential Standards
Health Education: K – 2, 3 – 5, 6 – 8, and High School
Physical Education: K – High School
Instructional Toolkit for Healthful Living
5 Crosswalk Documents
8 Unpacked Standards Documents
World Language Considerations
o FA Teacher List
o Contact Information, Proficiency Levels Assigned and Essential
o Writers will choose 1-5 Claryifying Objectives from within 2 of the 4
Essential Standards for each proficiency level.
o Use Proficiency Level/World Language program(s)
in the Grade/Subject area of the FA Plan
[Example: Novice High/Classical, Dual & Heritage, and/or Modern]
o Please be especially cognizant of copyright issues
for any resource materials included
World Language Resources
World Language Wiki
NC World Language Essential Standards (WLES)
K-12 proficiency-based with student outcomes for all 3 WL Programs
Instructional Toolkit for World Language
5 Unpacked Standards Documents
8 Graphic Organizers
Criteria to Receive Stipends
• Participation or review of webinar
• Participation in review process (with peers and content
• Plans are modified as needed based on feedback during
the review process
• Plans are uploaded as indicated in the timeline
• Plans are completed, accepted, and posted by the
deadline on the timeline
• Must have an original, completed, and signed contract
and W-9 form on file
• *Teachers will receive a $200 stipend for a completed,
accepted formative assessment plan.
Final Notes
• After the webinar, most of your contact
will be with the content consultants,
especially if it pertains to the content of
your plans
• If you need to contact me concerning the
process or stipends, use the email below
that has been established for this project
[email protected]
Thank You
Carmella Fair
NC FALCON Coordinator
[email protected]
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