Boot Camp 2011 Long Term Care - Modality Therapy Equipment for

A Program Overview
DJO LTC Program Components
Clinical Programs
Dealer Partner Network
CEU Opportunities
Clinical Support
Marketing Support
Clinical Programs
• DJO has identified 6 clinical problems known to represent a high cost
burden to the LTC facility:
Urinary Incontinence
Functional Decline
• Four sections to each indication:
Program support
Screening and Evaluation
Resource documents
• Clinical Program helps identify problem areas and helps implement
effective, evidence-based treatment programs thus helping to manage
high cost burden
Continuing Education Opportunity
• Each facility ordering suite of equipment receives 30 contact hours of CEU
accredited education
• Courses help drive competency on the equipment and clinical excellence
• Hours can be used on over 80 live and online courses designed for the long
term care market
• Multi-media course work
On-line courses
Live events
• Course listing and details available at
DJO Equipment
• Chattanooga Select Product line
• Computer-based platform allows for upgrades so equipment is never out
of date
• Built-in protocols and rationale
Vectra Genisys
Intelect TranSport
Surface EMG
for Dysphagia
and Ultrasound
Vectra Laser
Shortwave Diathermy
for effective
Low Level Laser Therapy
Deep Heating
for Tissue Healing
Mobile Exercise
Platform to Facilitate
Weight Bearing
Dealer Partnership
• DJO has a strategic partnership with a national dealer
network that adds the following value:
– Branch Support
– Local Rep Support
– Equipment Service
• DJO supports the dealer on a regional level to
provide on-going clinical and service support in the
LTC market
On-going Support
• DJO has put together a team specific for the long term care
market to continually support the facility
– DJO LTC Specialist – Experts in programming and equipment
– DJO Clinical Team – PT, OT, and SLP’s that can assist the rehab team
drive clinical excellence
– Dealer Support – LTC specific local representation
• DJO understands the importance of on-going support and has
resources to support the rehab team
Marketing Support
• Business Development Kit
– Marketing tools that allow the facilities referral team to approach
referral sources with proper information on the facility’s investment
– Specific tools for the following referral sources
Case Manager/Discharge Planner
Internal staff
• The BDK gives the facility tools to drive new referrals from
new referral sources
Key Value of DJO LTC Program
• Ownership of all Program Components
– Individualized Education
– Clinical Support
– Advanced Equipment
• On-going Support
– Transition Roll-out Team
– Clinical Support
• Accountability
• Fiscal Responsibility
What Value is Received at the Facility Level
transition from ACP to DJO
– VG Cross Reference Guide
– 90 min Initial In-service
– Clinical CD
– Vectra Genisys Electrical Stimulation
– Vectra Genisys Ultrasound Unit
– Shortwave Diathermy
CEU hours
– 30 hour block per site redeemable at
CIAO Seminars
Transition Kit – Creates a seamless
Clinical Programs
– Clinical CD
Clinical Cluster Trainings
Next Steps