2012-2013 Sophomore Enrollment


Friday, February 7 th


Student’s Last Name A-B Carie Allen Student’s Last Name C-F Nicole Wilson Student’s Last Name G-K Alecia Day Student’s Last Name L-O Paula Buckmaster Student’s Last Name P-S Ranae Summers Student’s Last Name T-Z Kristi Stephens


Student’s Last Name A-C Carie Allen Student’s Last Name D-Hi Brieana Cooper Student’s Last Name Ho-Mi Paula Buckmaster Student’s Last Name Mo-Sh Ranae Summers Student’s Last Name Si-Z Kristi Stephens Freshmen Counselors Nicole Wilson & Alecia Day

Due to your English teacher Feb. 7

1. Purple- Enrollment Form

2. Yellow- Home Language Survey

3. Blue- Health/Medical Form

 Return all forms to English teacher.  Transportation & Student Info forms will be given to your teacher next week.  All Forms due Friday, February 7th 5

Subject Number of Credits (or Units)

English Math Science History 4 3 3 3 Computer Tech. or Foreign Language 2 Additional Unit from course selected above 1 *Personal Financial Literacy Electives Must pass all 14 standards. 10 Total Credits 26


English Math Science History Personal Financial Literacy* Elective Courses Total Credits

Number of Credits (or Units)

4 3 3 3 Must pass all 14 standards. 13 26

In order to meet graduation requirements every student must pass 4 of 7 EOI Tests.

All students Must Pass: English 2 and Algebra 1 Any 2 of the following: Biology, Geometry, US History, English 3 or Algebra 2 Attendance on Test Days is Very Important!

Create a 4 Year Plan.

Step 2:

Answer question.

Do you have any outside requirements needed for graduation?

Yes or No???

Oklahoma’s Promise (OHLAP) NCAA



NCAA Clearinghouse

Any student that is going to participate in a college athletic program under the guidance of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is responsible to register with NCAA ( www.ncaa.org

) and complete all high school coursework needed to satisfy the NCAA’s requirements. All questions should be directed to the head coach of the related sport and/or the site athletic director.

Step 3: Review Course Description Guide and Course List (back of enrollment form)

Determine core classes & elective classes for next year List Electives by Importance All Course Descriptions are on the MHS Website!

Step 4: Complete Enrollment Form Select Core Classes Language Arts English 2 or Pre-AP English 2 History World History or AP European History Science Physical Science, Chemistry, Pre-AP Chemistry Math Geometry, Pre-AP Geometry, Pre-AP Algebra 2

Select Elective Classes

Art, Music, Drama, Athletics, Computers, Foreign Language, Reading, Journalism , FACS…..

Personal Financial Literacy*

Personal Financial Literacy is a required elective for graduation Must have teacher permission to take any class with an *

Choose all electives and alternates wisely!

List elective classes by order of importance: 1.


Theatre Spanish II 3.




Art Woodworking Archery & Fishing Sewing I 7.

Sewing II

Choose all electives wisely!

If not enough electives selected your counselor will pick for you

 Mock Trial  History of the Bible  Archery & Fishing  Stagecraft  Sports & Entertainment Marketing

Schedule Changes Deadline for changes is May 1, 2014

Friday, February 7 th Gonzales & Dunford Case & Gaines Price & Jeffers