HIMs In Action - 2014 chima conference

HIMs In Action
Sue Schneider, BA, CHIM, CPHIMS-CA
Current Role
• Director, eHealth Standards
• Architecture, Standards and Planning
• eHealth Ontario
• Focus on EHR for Ontario
– Data Exchange
– Terminology
• Interoperability Standards
– Data
– Content
– Terminology
• Systems Integrator
Connectivity Strategy
Interoperability Standards Strategy
EHR Roadmap
Career Path
Student in 10 physician medical clinic
BA – Social Science – Western
Diploma – Health Records Admin – St. Michael’s
CHIM Certification
Veterinary Teaching Hospital – Guelph
Peel Memorial Hospital – Brampton
William Osler Health Centre – 3 sites
Trillium Health Centre – 2 sites
Graduate Certificate – HI Standards – U Sherbrooke
Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
eHealth Ontario
CPHIMS-CA Certification – (CPHIMS & CPHIMS-CA Exams)
Career Path
• Student in 10 physician medical clinic
– Various roles across 6 summers – reception, filing, seating patients,
lunch for physician management meetings, OHIP billing,, file
management, transcribing referrals, consults, diagnostic imaging and
minor surgical reports
• BA – Social Science – Western
– Included records management, decision support, and information
• Diploma – Health Records Admin – St. Michael’s
– Placements in hospitals: teaching, acute and veterinary teaching
• CHIM Certification
– Exam written and results arrived a few weeks after started work
• Veterinary Teaching Hospital – Guelph
– Large and small animals - registration, billing, records, transcription,
coding, data searches for students and veterinarians, data submission to
Cornell, use of an early version of what has evolved into SNOMED® for
veterinary use
Career Path
• Peel Memorial Hospital – Brampton
– Started in Patient Registration and moved into Health Information
Management; various management roles
• William Osler Health Centre – 3 sites
– Georgetown, Brampton, and Etobicoke locations; Director for Health
Information Management
• Trillium Health Centre – 2 sites
– Mississauga and Queensway locations; Senior Advisor Data Custodian in
Health Information Management
• Graduate Certificate – HI Standards – U Sherbrook
– One year online webinars and assignments
• Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
– Seconded to eHealth Program part-time while at Trillium Health Centre,
and then moved to Information Management Strategy and Policy
Branch; returned to Trillium Health Centre when secondment ended
Career Path
• eHealth Ontario
– Lead, eHealth Standards, Terminology
• Focus on terminology standards for Ontario, and participation in
Infoway Standards Collaborative
– Director, eHealth Standards
• Focus on Interoperability Standards, including data exchange and
terminology for eHealth in Ontario; participation in various
governance committees and collaboration with MOHLTC, Infoway,
Ontario MD, eHealth Ontario, and other external stakeholders
• CPHIMS-CA Certification
– Review of materials through lunch time group study
• Looking to find time for a graduate level degree soon
Growth and Opportunities
• Leadership in Interoperability Standards for
eHealth in Ontario
– Promotion and advocacy for interoperability and
approval of standards
– Advancing the early involvement of eHealth
Standards in projects and business areas
– Responding to Architecture Program Office requests
for information, advice, support – growing expertise
– Monitoring the standards and healthcare to
strategically align and collaborate with internal and
external stakeholders
Growth and Opportunities
• Experience with terminology and document modeling tools
and standards
• Contribute to and use of international and national standards
• Opportunity to define processes and best practices for
standards lifecycle and terminology management
• Exciting work with clinical and technical experts
• Participation in committees, governance, and strategies
• Extension and evolution of HIM/HI experience, competencies
and roles
• Leadership of a very talented and inspiring team – specialized
• Relationship management – mentoring, and networking
• Continuous learning and stimulating work
• Making a difference to health and wellness in Ontario
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