ECC Presentation to PEAK MAC and WECC JGC

Enhanced Curtailment Calculator
Peak MAC Meeting June 4th
WECC JGC Meeting June 5th
Raj Hundal – WECC ECC AC Chair
The Enhanced Curtailment Calculator (ECC) is a congestion
management tool that is being proposed to provide situational
awareness as well as calculate and disseminate curtailment
responsibility electronically.
The tool would operate similar in function to webSAS(current
congestion management tool), with several enhancements in
calculation methodology.
Additionally, the ECC would be more broadly applied to grid elements
nominated by transmission providers or the reliability coordinator.
The ECC will also provide curtailment responsibility for native/network
or untagged flow impacts calculations which are not provided through
The ECC tool functionality could be further expanded to receive and
provide information into an EIM in order to support market functions.
Purpose of the WECC ECC Advisory
Committee (ECC AC)
The WECC ECC AC was established by the WECC OC and WECC
MIC and reports to the WECC Joint Guidance Committee (JGC)
The goal of the ECC AC was to provide clarity to the ECC project, its
scope, potential member benefits, and development of tool
specifications. The ECC AC would facilitate discussion, and coordinate
with RC.
The committee charter requires the ECC AC to:
Provide recommendations to the RC and stakeholders, including review of project work
Provide liaison functions between stakeholders and the RC.
Provide subject matter expertise on issues related to congestion management.
Provide support and work products as necessary for the ECC project.
Provide updates to the stakeholders (Standing Committees, JGC, etc.,) as necessary
and in concert with the RC.
Inform the stakeholders of ECC process requirements.
WECC ECC AC Membership
The ECC AC was composed of equal numbers of OC and MIC
members, with the number of members determined by the JGC.
The members of the ECC AC were appointed on an as-required basis
by the OC and MIC.
• Current Members:
– Raj Hundal (Chair) – Powerex
– Carl Dobbs – WAPA
– Doug Reese – Tri-State
– Brenda Ambrosi – BC Hydro
• Past Members:
– David Lemmons – Xcel Energy
– Dave Lunceford - CAISO
As a result of bifurcation the ECC project and WECC ECC AC have
been on hiatus since 2013.
Peak MAC Committee Task Force and
ECC Update
Peak MAC established a Task Force to evaluate and recommend
possible committee structures and guiding principles for development
of new committees.
Peak Task Force in the report to PEAK MAC stated:
– “Recommend to the Peak Board that Peak reform the WECC ECC
AC as a Peak Task Force to aid in the implementation of the ECC.”
Peak staff have started to work on the ECC Tool specifications and
have provided drafts to the WECC ECC AC in the last 2 weeks.
Peak staff have proposed a two phase approach, with Phase I of the
ECC dealing with situational awareness, and have targeted completion
of Phase 1 for Q4 2014/Q1 2015. Phase II will address the curtailment
methodology and replacement of webSAS.
Peak staff have indicated to WECC ECC AC their desire to discuss and
finalize ECC specifications for Phase 1 by end of June 2014.
Next Steps - Peak ECC Task Force
It is recommended that Peak MAC and Board establish a Task Force
with similar scope and goals as the WECC ECC AC to advise Peak
staff on the development of the new congestion management tool.
Task Force should report to the Peak MAC and Board on a regular
Task Force should be comprised of volunteers with a broad range of
subject matter expertise including members from WECC OC, MIC,
interested stakeholders, regulators, NWPP MC Initiative, and CAISOPAC EIM. Ideal composition would be 10 – 12 members.
A chair needs to be selected for the Task Force immediately to initiate
work on the committee charter and composition, as well as continue
work on draft specifications in order to meet Peak staff timelines.
The WECC ECC AC chair will recommend dissolution of the WECC
ECC AC to the JGC, once Peak confirms creation of the new Peak
ECC Task Force
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