Water Drops

Welcome to Rokeby School’s
Water Drops
Science Club
Shadman Faiyaz Rafid
My name is
Shadman Faiyaz
Rafid. I’m 12
years old. I am a
year 8 student.
In my leisure, I
like to play
games, watch
movies and read
“Mr Mad Scientist”
Vijay Dontu
I am Vijay. I am
13years. I Like to
play games. I like
to read stories at
free time. I joined
this club because
I like Science and
want to know more
about Water and
how they use it!!!
“Mr Polite”
Scott Addison
My name is Scott
and I’m 15 years
old. I’m a year 10
student. I like
everything that
has to do with
Japan. I’m also
learning Russian!
“Mr Funny”
Abdullah Howell
“Mr Serious”
My name is
Abdullah Howell. I
live in London in
Stratford. My
parents are from
Pakistan and
Jamaica. I’m a
year 8 student.
Maaz Vali
My name is Maaz.
I was born in
India. I am 12
years old. I live in
Forest Gate in
London. I am good
at cricket and I
like playing the
“Mr Cheeky”
Arjun Nagarajan
“Mr Curious”
My name is Arjun,
I am from London.
I work for Water
Drops from
Rokeby. I think
water is really
essential to all
organisms in the
world because it
supports the
precious lives.
Zarak Khan
My name is Zarak
Khan. I live in
London, Green
Street. My
parents are from
Afghanistan. I like
to play the piano
and my favourite
sport is
“Mr Funny”