Mount Hutt College Canterbury New Zealand Where we are

Mount Hutt College
New Zealand
Where we are
Mount Hutt College is located in the town of Methven on the Canterbury Plains
near the foothills and mountains of the South Island High Country. We are in the
Ashburton District of Canterbury on the South Island of New Zealand
We are in Methven, Ashburton District, central Canterbury – 90 km inland
from Christchurch International Airport
Mount Hutt College is located in Methven
Senior School: Years 11, 12, 13
In Years 11, 12 and 13 students study subjects
from the New Zealand curriculum which are
assessed for Levels 1, 2 and 3 of the National
Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA).
Year 13 students also prepare for University
Entrance and Scholarships examinations.
There is a wide range of subjects including Accounting, Agriculture, Art (Painting,
Photography, Design), Biology, Business Studies,
Chemistry, Computer Studies, Economics, English,
Geography, Graphics, History, Home Economics,
Information Management, Media Studies,
Mathematics/Calculus, Mathematics/Statistics,,
Music, Outdoor Education, Physical Education,
Physics ,Technology, Tourism, Vocational Pathways.
English for Speakers of Other Languages
English for Speakers of Other
Languages (ESOL) classes are
at the appropriate level –
from elementary to
There are small size classes,
and opportunities to sit
examinations for an
internationally recognised
qualification in English (City
and Guilds qualification).
Junior School - Year 7-10
Students in the junior school
Full year - English, Mathematics,
Science, Social Studies, Physical
Education and Health
Part year elective subjects: Art,
Music, ICT, Food Technology,
Fabric Technology, Hard
Materials Technology, Graphics,
Agriculture, Business Studies,
21st Century Learning
Mount Hutt College
has excellent modern
facilities including
Distance Education
facilities on site.
Students are able to
develop e-Learning
skills and
understandings that
make them
competitive in the
global economy.
Homestay family Life
Mount Hutt College Methven homestay
accommodation will provide:
• a safe physical and emotional
• a warm, comfortable furnished single
room with study facilities
• 3 meals a day
• laundry services
Your homestay family will:
• treat you as a member of their own
• set reasonable house rules and routines
for your guidance
• encourage you to participate in the
family’s activities and events (eg chores,
sports, family trips)
• help you with speaking in English
• help you with your life in New Zealand
The Homestay Coordinator will assist you:
• to make sure that you are happy in your
• help you with any problems or
As well as academic learning and success a wide
range of opportunities in sports and cultural
activities are available to international students
at Mount Hutt College.
Music lessons and groups are an important
part of our school culture.
Drama and performance
many different opportunities
Snow sports – skiing, snowboarding:
Term 3 Wednesdays
In Term 3 all students can take part in
snow sports at Mt Hutt ski field.
Shuttle services operate from the town
to the ski field at weekends and in
school holidays.
Horseriding Academy
Outdoor Education
Mount Hutt College
Co-operates with other high schools
in the
Canterbury Regional Schools Alliance
Contact information – and for further
Email: [email protected]
International Director: [email protected]
Also view our website:
And our facebook page:
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