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Πολυμεσικό Υλικό στο Internet:
Συγχρονισμός, Επεξεργασία και
Multimedia content delivery in the Internet:
examples in MOOCs
Β. Μάγκλαρης <[email protected]>
Μ. Γραμματικού <[email protected]>
Δ. Καλογεράς <[email protected]>
MOOCs from the Instructor’s side
MOOCs from the Learner’s side
Coursera & edX Cases
Some examples
Coursera Case
• Coursera: is a for-profit educational
technology company
• List of ways to generate revenue, include:
– verified certification fees
– tutoring
– sponsorships
– tuition fees
• In January 2013, Coursera announced that the
American Council on Education had approved
five courses for college credit
Coursera from the Instructors’ side
• Coursera Partner Inquiry form
• Preparation behind the Scenes
Coursera Partner Inquiry Form
Coursera: behind the scenes filming
By Ben Loveridge (Learning Environments)
Photo: Coursera filming set-up showing autocue and Wacom Cintiq 24HD Touch (Credit: Ben Loveridge)
edX Case
• edX is a non-profit online initiative created by founding
partners Harvard and MIT (in 2012) and runs on an
open-source software platform (
• edX has more than 3 million users taking over 300
courses online (of 22 October 2014)
• Around 100,000 certificates earned by edX students
• Topics include:
– biology, business, chemistry, computer science, economics,
finance, electronics, engineering, food and nutrition,
history, humanities, law, literature, math, medicine, music,
philosophy, physics, science, statistics and more
edX Case
• With the exception of professional education
courses, edX courses are free for everyone
• Some courses have a fee for verified
certificates but are free to audit
edX from the Instructors’ side
• EdX is committed to expanding the number of
universities and other high-quality course
builders who offer courses on its platform
• New members are welcomed as edX builds
capacity to accommodate the growing interest
from both institutions and learners
MOOCs from the Learners’ side
• Available questions and requirements for learners
before the registration to the course (Stanford as
an example):
• Registration for free
• Videos, Chats, discussions, quizzes, exams, all the
material available on the Internet, certificates
Courses on MOOCs
• Financial Markets (Coursera):
• Introduction to Computer Science (edX):
• Developing Android Apps (Udacity):
• Intro to HTML and CSS (Udacity):
NETMODE on line Courses
• Διαχείριση Δικτύων – Ευφυή Δίκτυα:
• Συστήματα Αναμονής:
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